Featured Funny- Fat Kid Slaps Mother

Today’s featured funny is something a friend of mine showed me on You Tube…I couldn’t stop laughing in disbelief….I’m not going to say that all white people are like this, but damn, if they were…I’d haveta adopt me some white parents lol…all jokes aside I’m not one that supportive of people disrespecting their mothers…but hell, this shit is funny, call me an asshole lol


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  1. My next move would be to call 911 cuz I’d hem him up so far up the wall his feet would touch the ceiling….and clearly i’d be in violation of DCFS laws for the state, but who cares!

    i WISH a muh’fuckah WOULD slap me…i don’t even care if that wasn’t my kid…if I was the cameraman…i’d drop the camera just to drop kick his ass…

  2. Lol, dude seriously, slapping is the most DISRESPECTFUL shit ever, no matter if its a male, female, or whatever, it should be added in the bible that slapping constitutes a beat down automatically

  3. Bestest Friend

    I was watching Dr. Phil when this happend. I damn near bit my tongue off when I saw this little boy slap his mom. The thing is she said she did absolutely nothing about it when Dr. Phil interviewed her. The day a child of mine decides to raise their hand to me they better have the police on site.

  4. Lol like I said Maleka bruh, I’d END my kid if they raised up to me like this…just when I wanted to try and stop seeing people as black and white, and start seeing them as people, I see this shit and can’t help but realize that there aint NOOO WAAAY this would’ve happend in a black household LOL

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