HIP-HOP DOA (June 11th – June 26th)

Welcome to the first edition of HIP HOP DoA. HIP-HOP DoA will be an ongoing account of the good and the bad of Hip-Hop over a two week span. With all of the talks of whether Hip-Hop is Dead or Alive, it’s finally time to document it’s wins and losses to finally get an accurate view of, what to me is a corny ass topic (but that’s just my opinion) where hip-hop stands. All over the web, there’s constant songs, threads, message board arguments, magazine articles, youtube videos, etc etc all talking about hip-hop being dead, while others fight to prove its alive, this has gotten stale over the pass few years, (just once again, in my humble opinion) and me being the heavy hip-hop head that I am, I’m stepping up, and encouraging anyone that wants to help (by emailing me any note worthy news that I may miss to m.bats@yahoo.com). Not sure if I wanna bump it up to be an every week thing just yet, but here goes

WINS: Wins of course are self explanatory, they are the things that we can be proud of and feel good about in Hip-Hop

Will Smith playing Barack Obama

Aite, nothing is official yet with this one, but when the idea came up of a Barack Obama movie, Will Smith was the first on the studio’s list as well as Barack’s list (must be the big ass ears). Well I doubt that anybody’s surprised at all that Barack would be getting a movie….c’mon nah, black kid, single parent household, in Chicago w/ a white mama, overcomes the odds, beats the white bitch that alla black people loved to become the People’s Champ, yah, hopefully Will rips this one, only question is whether the Fresh Prince is gon be bout losing some of that muscle to fully become our (possible) future president. Gotta make sure he’s Barack and not The Rock Obama, we’ll see. They say the writers will hop on the script as soon as we see if its a happy ending in November…

KRS ONE starting a hiphop bible

Since Hip-Hop is a culture, I guess it’s only fitting that somebody write a bible on all things hip-hop, though I see it as a win for the culture, I’m not too sure if this should be a one man operation, hell the original Bible was penned by many men, and even that had it’s kinks at times. How can one man dictate whats right and wrong about a culture with so many people, so many variables and ideas on how things are. Is Soulja Boy Hip-Hop? Some people say he isn’t because he has no lyrical content, others say he is because Hip-Hop started with dance music.We’ll see how this one goes….if not too well, I guess someone else is gonna haveta come behind him w/a New Testament….


Ite, it’s official, the two men responsible for supplying the most one hit wonders and birthing the most ringtone rappers ever, have finally decided to join forces. While there’s folk out there that aren’t fans of their music, I fucks with T-Pain and Weezy, so I’m pulling for it to be a pretty good album, as long as Wayne doesn’t go overboard with the singing,it’s a win mainly on the fact that they are two artists joining forces instead of unnecessarily beefing…

Young Jeezy’s website trying to find missing children

Young Jeezy is stepping up and making his own multimedia website called, USDA2DAY.com, 50 Cent started this shit, and now erybody else is noticing how good it is for promotion, well instead of just biting 50, Jeezy has decided to also use his site to help find missing children, that’s definitely a good look and a win for hip-hop man, and much respect goes to Jeezy…I guess this is gonna piss Bill ‘O Reilly and Rush Limbaugh off a lil bit, now if only more rappers could do more to help the community, not sayin Jeezy is perfect, but fuck, it’s something…and yeah expect to see Al Sharpton jumping ona bandwagon pretty soon.

T.I signs 8Ball and MJG

T.I is keeping the legends alive, niggas sleep on 8Ball and MJG man, they, like UGK, Goodie Mob, Scarface, Outkast, are some of the “kings” that paved the way for Clifford, and it’s nice to see that we do respect out elders….sometimes

Lil Wayne -vs- Al Sharpton

I don’t even know why this is a win for hip-hop, but I think it is, calm me bias against the Don King of politics, but homie took a year to reach the Jena 6, but only a week to try and start up a crusade against hip-hop, just so white people wouldn’t call him racist for giving Don Imus an all expenses paid vacation, glad to see rappers fighting back, and at least pissing him off a lil bit, of course Wayne’s statements aren’t saving little children in Darfur, but hey, it of some substance and awareness, which is pretty hard to find in today’s mainstream rap.

Timbaland winning ASCAP award

Timbaland won several ASCAP awards, good shit Timbo….though, I’m not sure if I should count this as a win for Hip-Hop for the week, becuz Timbo hasn’t been claiming the genre that put him on lately, it’s all good, whenever the racists folk see him, they’ll still think of him as that “hippety hop african drummer boy” so a wins a win…

Eminem prank calls LL Cool J

LL Cool J was on Shade45 satellite radio station, when he gets this call, it’s a huge fan of his, calling in to play name that tune w/ LL’s hits, so the fan would rap LL’s lyrics and he’d have to figure out which song was it from, so the fan goes on and on as if he knows LL’s entire catalogue or something, definitely making Mr. Todd James blush a few times….no homo….of course as the title gives away above, it was Eminem pranking LL as the fan, but no, him being a fan wasn’t the prank, Em then went on to give his full appreciation and admiration towards the G.O.A.T, and they made plans to kick it. Two legends in the game, giving each others props over the air, one rapper respecting his elder, another solid showing of unity

Bone Thugs reunites

Well, the Fugees got back together and that went no where, A Trible Called Quest got back together, and so far that’s gone no where, here’s another group in the game back together…though this isn’t ground breaking news, it is something worth being noted, when in their prime Bone Thugs was the shit, especially for the smokers…(see Bats)….as long as they can keep Bizzy Bone’s tripolar ass from going nuts and killin them or himself, i think they should be good

NY OIL’s video Lynched on BET

All I gotta say is that this video is like 4 minutes of pure truth and power, everyone should see this and I’m glad BET pulled the green light on “intelligent music” for a change

Bay Rapper, Ise Lyfe’s play debuts at the Naacp theatre awards

Ise Lyfe is a Def Poet slash rapper from Cali, and a pretty damn good one, that wrote an original play that’s been getting good reviews, good enough to get a slot to present it at the NAACP Theatre Awards, something positive that won’t be on the major news headlines because he’s not dissing or killing nobody, YouTube em or something…

Lil Wayne selling A MILLIE

They said it couldn’t be done, but he did it, and I’m tired of hearing about it already, and no, trust me I’m not hating whatsoever, I’m definitely proud and giving mad props to my fellow NOLA Native, it’s just funny to me how huge of a deal selling a million records is now (We should look at the years when niggas was selling 20 million like nothing B. D, like the year 2000 B.D, before downloading), I swear watching the BET AWARDS, people were talking about it and shouting Weezy out as if he just shitted Jesus out his anus….”I’m aiming at a million”, Wayne has been saying it and saying it, and now he’s become a role model, good shit Mr. Carter….

…oh and rumor has it, Jay-Z STILL has his eyes on Weezy, Jigga is starting a new label, and the young carter is in his sights…wonder what Baby has to say about all of this

DJ Whoo Kid giving back to Haiti

Score another point for hip-hop, even our DJs are giving back…


Lol, wow, all I can do is laugh at this, its like Game was the last one to realize that this beef was over, 50 been stop talking about him, the fans been stop caring, but now he’s officially ending it, ite, cool…definitely a win for everybody

Immortal Technique builds orphanage in Afganistan

For those of you unfamiliar with Immortal Technique, please please please wikipedia homie, youtube him, download him, whatever, him building orphanages in war torn countries is just the icing on the cake of the message that the mainstream seem afraid to promote from this guy…..

2008 BET Awards

Whether you hate BET or not, the fact that they at least try to bring black folk together on a positive front at least 5 times a year should always be applauded. Quincy Jones and Al Green being honored is not just a Win for hip-hop but a win for music in general, because without these great pioneers many people would be out of a job, and this culture may never have even spawned in the way it had. Other highlights include Lil Wayne winning Viewer’s Choice, Kanye West winning Rapper of the Year, Alicia Keys performance, I have no clue how Missy won female hip-hop artist, but at least UGK won VIDEO OF THE YEAR, good deal

LOSSES- Of course these are the things, the very ingredients that steam the pot being stirred by those feeling that Hip Hop is dead

Scott Storch wanted for child support

This only further fuels the negative stereotypes continuously linked with not even just hip-hop but the black community as a whole, hope homie gets his shit in order, because even if the world isn’t watching, the skeleton in the closet labeled “dead beat daddy” is more like a zombie, you think it’s dead and buried, but it’s offspring will want you dead….before he reaches 12

Kanye West losing his cool at Bonnaroo

Ite, Kanye West is a huge perfectionist, erybody knows this, and he was set to perform at this Bonnaroo festival, but got boo’d and heckled because his performance started over and hour behind schedule, now it wasn’t his fault that he went on late, but bitching about it in a blog, is just unnecessary, and Kanye is one of my favorite artists, but bitching is bitchin no matter whose doing it

Dolla punching out 2 Pistols for no damn reason

Battle of the one hit wonders, T-Pain gave Dolla a hit “Who the Fuck is That”…..T-Pain gave 2 Pistols a hit “She Got It“…and now they’re fighting over it…another pointless beef

Dolla’s Side of the story

2 Pistol’s side of the story

DMX arrested, AGAIN

Lol, reporting that DMX has been arrested is almost a waste of time and space, because it’s not even shocking anymore….when I read it these days, all I can do is laugh, because cocaine is a helluva drug man, and Amy Winhouse, Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Brown and DMX never let me forget how true that statement is

Nate Dogg Arrested

First Akon takes his career, then T-Pain further shits on his career, now he’s gotten arrested, for what? Terrorist threats, LOL…now this is a new one for hip-hop, a nigga got arrested for “terrorist threats” and it wasn’t Immortal Technique

Young Buck -vs- 50 Cent

As has been reported everywhere, including here, Young Buck and G-Unit have completely parted ways, Some says it started with Young Buck telling people that he’s never seen a royalty check, 50 says Buck is a weed head, then Youngbuck goes on to debut a song called “My Interview“, then 50 Cent replied by telling the world that Young Buck was a drug addict…which eventually led to Buck saying “Fuck G-Unit” at a concert, which led to 50 releasing a 15 minute private conversation that happend a long time ago, where Buck is crying his ass off, pleading with 50 to keep him in the family, all the while 50 is looking like a boss, Buck defends himself with the “Taped Conversation” track, 50 continues talking shit about him, and a Spider Loc diss pops up also with a taped Young Buck conversation, Young Buck’s homie D’tay has joined in on making buck look pussy, and even Trina allegedly has a tape convo of Buck, i don’t know why erybody likes taping Buck’s convos for whatever reason, but it’s all pretty pussy to me, taping conversations, airing niggas out, this must be highschool…I understand, G-Unit has a new ablum coming out, so 50 is just doing what 50 does best and that’s stir up controversy to get people to buy his newest weedplate. I just hope Buck isn’t in on this, because all of this goes waaay pass a nigga being loyal…don’t expect this beef to really end anytime soon, but ina long run I think Buck is better off, and he’ll overcome alla bullshit, afterall, these day Hip-hop has men kissing men, men wearing beads in their heads, shaking their asses and erything else, why not let a crying ass nigga slide, he was “confused” after all….

I guess we should get use to this:

and this

T.I -vs- Shawty Lo

My cousin from ATL tells me that the city is really behind Shawty Lo, and that he’s really connected in the A, that he erybody knows he’s really from bankhead and is a real dboy that ran shit, rumor has it he was even on America’s Most Wanted and erythhing, so he aint bullshit in his song “Dey know”, “Dey” REALLY “Kno” bout Lo. Shawty Lo claims that he’s a fan of T.I’s music, and tried to get T.I.P ona song, but T.I refused because Lo supposedly had a song about being the king coming out. Lo says he aint sweat it until T.I allegedly dissed him on the Big Things Poppin song with the line “WHen I said I was the King alla lames started laughin at em/Same mafuckas want the king ona track w/ em. So now Shawty Lo is on a full crusade to expose T.I. And for some reason we’re suppose to believe that all of this isn’t some huge marketing strategy he’s using to blow up. This is a lame bitch made beef, if it was really about exposing T.I, Lo coulda put out one lil You Tube video saying his side of the story and called it a day, (YEARS ago), but nope, instead if you were to go and type in “Shawty Lo T.I” into your handy dandy youtube browser, you’d stumble across a million videos of “Shawty Lo dissing T.I” for whatever reason.

We get Shawty Lo walking up the street in bankhead, saying T.I doesn’t do this, of course he doesn’t the nigga is rich as fuck and as other things to do w/ his time then to walk up and down a street, we see Shawty Lo ina club talking bout T.I.P, we see Shawty Lo putting out randoms for T.I.P. just nothing but Shawty Lo talking and talking and talking about T.I. as if begging for the nigga to say his name just once. And according to my sources, nigga been doing this waay before Dey Know exploded as a big single, so this has been L-O’s plan from the start.

Hell, and I know somebody besides me remembers all of the T.I. talk quieted down for a minute because T.I wasn’t responded to this nobody at the time, but then T.I dropped “No Matter What” and L-O saw his chance, and went full scale on the T.I.P subliminals, disses, and you tube videos and interviews. Now I aint gon hate on L-O’s hustle, but at least don’t insult our intelligence by trying to make us believe you ain’t hustling us. We aint stupid, we see it for what it is, don’t claim you aint got no beef w/ the dude, then call the man a “woman” and “T-Lie” and all types of other shit, L-O is acting like he’s T.I’s biggest fan or something.

This is such a pointless beef. See, like Snoop says, Hip-Hop is built on rivalries and battles, which is cool, Jay-Z/Nas was a battle that built over time and exploded, but Shawty Lo is no Jay-Z, Nas, Ludacris, Eminem, Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel, Bushwick Bill, or Bow Wow, he admittingly isn’t a rapper, so this whole “Hip-Hop battle” argument is null in void. He says that his big beef w/ T.I. is that T.I. is claiming bankhead and he aint from there. Though nobody ever attacks Luda or Jeezy for not being born in the CITY of Atl, this mafucka is going at T.I.P over a neighborhood in ATL that neither of em own. Now, when I take my uppity negro glasses off, I can slightly see things through his perspective, being from the 7th ward in New Orleans, if a nigga was trying to claim it I wouldn’t think to highly of him if he was really from Metairie or something, but I wouldn’t base my entire career plan on getting noticed off of telling people that this nigga aint from Metairie. After awhile I’ll just be happy that someone else from my “city” is on and making money and pushing the overall movement of the south. I mean that’s what I thought real niggas did. Maybe that’s just me, being Anti-Crab.

Now, I could see if L-O was really dissed, but that line he’s talking about is a HUGE reach, Clifford could’ve been talking to a number of people, and LO wasn’t even known when the song dropped, why would T.I. create a career for LO like that,in dissing him?….

From what’s been said, there history with each other really starts with the I’m Serious video, where T.I and his label at the time, borrowed Shawty Lo’s cars to put in the video, because L-O was supposedly a known D-Boy at the time. Who knows what the story is with this, because Shawty Lo didn’t start putting that story out there, until this girl told him he was in the video, which he claims to not knowing he was in, after finding this, he starts claiming he was this big boss that gave them cars, to me so far until more info comes out, it looks like he was an extra ina video, and even if they did use his cars, T.I. must not have respected him much becuz dude didn’t even get a dap when he walked by in the video, which is why you gotta stop it for the split second or else you wouldn’t know L-O existed in it.

Now I’m not just trying to be on T.I’s side the full way, it’s just, I really feel like L-O is being a girl about this whole situation. Dude got a huge following in the A, he makes catchy music, ringtone hits that could get him nice and paid ona club tip, by suckin T.I’s dick so hard, it makes it look like w/o T.I.P he wouldn’t have made it, and I doubt that, I think he still woulda got on, but thats a hard argument to say, since I’ve been hearing about dude dissing T.I waay back in the”I’m Da Man” days. I can’t say what I’d do if I was in T.I’s position, nor can I think of much to say about T.I. at this point to make this an unbias write up. I can’t jump down T.I’s throat for not being from Bankhead, because he useta claim Riverdale, and even though he started claiming BAnkhead, if homie grew up there too, thats on him, plus I could care less as long as the music is hot. They saying he aint come back at 50 but he came back at Lo, well when he wasn’t going at LO at all in the least bit, they said dude aint going at LO like he went at Flip, now whats gonna happen if he makes a track at 50, what they gonna say then, “They” just love to hate and speculate, so fuck “They” even if “They Kno”, all “They Kno” is the bullshit that “They” are fed, so I say get your money TIP….but in saying that, if you’re really scared of L-O, and the reason why you aint full scale dissing dude is not because he’s a nobody, but becuz you’re afraid of his goons, then don’t get mad if people throw away all of your albums and expect you to start making Kanye music, because your rep will be shot. Did T.I. snitch to get the lighter sentence? who knows, he may have paid niggas off, who knows, I do know that Paper Trail better be harder than that T.I -vs- T.I.P nonsense, and that’s real…you see how pointless this beef is, I’ve gone to typing about whole other stuff

Sooo as this pointless beef continues at Atlanta’s big summer concert called Birthday Bash, Shawty Lo pronounced himself the real king of Bankhead bringing out Bankhead artists, and even T.I’s former nemesis Ludacris, I heard he had a nice performance and congrats to him, while folks from the “A” said T.I. put on a lackluster performance, i guess it really is true, you haven’t made it…until your city turns on you…when the world loves you, your city hates you it seems…I guess Lil Wayne is next…

Ice T -vs- Soulja Boy

I’ve been posting up the developments of this funny ass beef since they’ve started it. First Ice-T tells Soulja Boy to eat a dick for killing hip-hop. Now, I do get what Ice-T was trying to say, he was trying to say that the explosion of all of these dance, teeny bopper, non-lyrical rappers onto the scene getting all of the attention and the money, is deteriorating the credibility of Hip-Hop as a serious art form, and I’ll agree, while I won’t ever hate on Soulja’ Boy’s hustle, I’m proud of the youngin for making it to a position that most only dream of, ON HIS OWN, at the age of 15, but whose going to argue that he’s really saying anything enlightening. I’m a believer that our music, our books, our movies, everything that we do in our generation in an art fashion is what we’re leaving future generations as to what represented us, and while I do want future generations to know we had fun, I still don’t want them to believe that we were all nothing but “YOUUULLL!” and “Get Silly” all day. So I can feel Ice-T when he says it’s fucked up that guys like Lupe can barely go gold, but cats like Soulja Boy go platinum, the game is messed up. But still Ice-T, just like Soulja Boy said in his response to the “eat a dick” message, you shouldn’t be telling some 17 yr old, that’s just trying to eat, to eat a dick, because you don’t particularly care for his music, you’re a legend, a pioneer, you’re too old for that. It’s laughable to even call this a beef, Ice-T -vs- LL Cool J, that’s a beef, Ice-T verses some 17yr old is sad. Soulja boy then clowns him a bit, but what else do you expect Soulja Boy to do? Then Ice-T comes w/ this half ass apology, trying his best to look hard as hell while doing it, ending the video off with his son, whose Soulja Boy’s age, telling Soulja Boy to eat a dick…that was kinda funny, but totally unncessary and such a dumb look for the culture. Now not only are we deadbeat dads, that want each other dead, but the elders are encouraging the youngings to eat dicks and fight each other…We’ve got to do better man.

50 Cent sending shots at T.I., then later denying

50 Cent is one of the most interesting personalities in the game, he’s honestly one of my favorite characters in this hip-hop gumbo. Dude has the best interviews period (w/ Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jigga following), when I say best, I mean you will be entertained by them, whether you think he’s an asshole or you agree w/ him, you’re never bored w/ a 50 Cent interview. Unfortunately his music doesn’t always match the caliber that his character does, which is why he always feels the need to start shit to sell albums. After Lil Wayne didn’t bite the shrimp on the hook, he’s decided to drop his lines in T.I’s water hoping he’ll get a nibble. I could count this as a Loss for hip-hop for the week just for the mere fact that he’s still using this tired ass routine to sell records, but the Loss to me comes with the fact that he’s not owning up to it. Usually 50 will diss you, and tell you he’s dissing you, this time he’s trying to ride the fence, as if he’s unsure on whether he wants to fully go in. I understand he usually sends warning shots first, but when it’s lines this obvious, you might as well say names, I can’t lie though, 50 rips this shit

“What todays mathematics, shit aint addin up

get knocked for 10 machine guns only get 12 months

i got the best lawyers money could buy

they said they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9

I said how do you explain how homie breathe

they said you keep your mouth shut or eat the cheese”

….this aint to T.I? yeah….ite….

Young Jeezy Arrested

Young Jeezy arrested, sucks, BUT at least it was just bullshit traffic tickets and nothing major, Jeezy’s one of my favorites, I aint tryna see no more rappers do time…

T-Pain accused of stealing ‘stripper’

It’s being reported that T-Pain stole his song “N Luv With A Stripper”, this was a big breakout hit for T-Pain and it’s unfortunate if he stole it, its fucked up, but hell, stealing songs is nothing new in hip-hop so whether he did or didn’t do it, a loss is a loss

FOUL: Fouls are things that don’t necessarily count as losses for hip-hop, that don’t even really involved hip-hop artists all the time, but is still some foul shit that you already know somebody is going to credit against hip-hop]

R.Kelly acquitted of all charges

I’ve already covered my thoughts on this, congrats goes out to R.Kelly who now has the most sought after legal team in the country

Shaq loses badge over dissing Kobe

So it turns out that Shaq was like a part time cop or something, and after his superiors saw the video of him dissing Kobe:

they were outraged, and took his badge, Shaq is funny for downplaying his disses as just for fun, we know that this is his true thoughts, but of course due to politics he had to downplay em, i aint gon front, Shaq kinda did his thing in this “freestyle”

oh and check the remix

Rick Ross and Foxxy announce engagement

With the divorce rate at an all time high, it’s honorable to see that some people still believe in the sacred union, especially in the M.O.B mentality that hip-hop is today, Nick got Mariah, Jigga got Be, Jermaine got Janet, Bow Wow and 50 double teamed Ciara, and now Rick has made his mark, it gotta be funny when Jigga’s name comes up….lets just hope they don’t end up like Pap and Remy


And this was HIP-HOP DOA for the two week span of June 11 up until June 26th. Hip-Hop definitely gets a W for this week.

I know there will be love

I know there will be hate

but remember this was, as usual

just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98….


-BATS, the ACE among kings….

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  1. People like you give me hope for hip-hop. I really taught that the DOA you were talkin about was Dead On Arrival.

    Well, clearly, you make hip hop more alive than it is dead. Pop hip-hop, or rather the commericialization of hip hop (think ringtones and one club hit wonders) are what’s making hip hop suffer from congestive heart failure.

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