FEATURED WRITER- SoEx- Broken Silence

Ite, today’s FEATURED WRITER is like family to me when it comes to this writing stuff, my lil brother of the pen, SoEX(short for Soulful Expression)…he’s on my blogroll and has his own blogsite, so check him out when you get the chance, he’s a Poet, and his latest piece is entitled BROKEN SILENCE, check it out below:



They say silence is golden well mines is tarnished and it has been broken
Sat back for weeks trying not to speak just to keep Da Beast words unspoken
Watched the news silently saw niggas dying violently
Soldiers ready to come home but instead they in Iraq dying g
Body count rising higher faster than the waters when the levees broke
All you do is laugh as if this shit’s a motherfucking joke
But this shit is not a fucking joke… I could ring you by your fucking throat
Then let you sink down under the waters with that ship that was indestructible
As I spit shit that’s hypocritical and speak on issues that’s critical
I’m gone show you that I’m political as well as being analytical

It’s a lot of you rappers out there who ain’t talking bout shit
I’m gone say what Ice-T said… yall niggas go eat a dick
You can tell em I said that yall ain’t rapping bout shit
Cause niggas like Lupe & Common is underrated because of the shit they spit
How many rappers can tell a story in a song from the end to the beginning?
I guess none of yall because yall niggas to blind and stupid to comprehend
Always talking bout the money and the chains and the cars and rings
Let’s rap about my people in New Orleans tryna fly with broken wings
Let’s rap about my sisters’ mind and soul instead of their breast and ass
Let’s rap about MLK who told us we were free at last

Racism & Politics
White people… you can call me nigga but you try so hard to be a nigga
You think you was here first but the oldest bones comes from a nigga
But I see you… every time we have something going for ourselves you take it away like it is okay as if it’s the thing to do today in the U.S. A.
But the last time I checked, the last time I checked, the last time I checked… Rock –N- Roll and Blues was pioneered by black people back in the day
You blame rap music for way we act and for what’s going on in the ghetto
But honestly you ain’t got a fucking clue about what’s going on in the ghetto
You show wacha wanna show on the news like it’s a cool
You think you know but behind closed doors you ain’t got the slightest clue
But you steady talk about us and think that we are not listening
Think that your words go unheard but in the light their glistening
Now we have Don Imus calling my sisters nappy headed bitches and hoes
While Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obama nuts off behind closed doors
Why was the response to them tornado victims faster than the response for us during Hurricane Katrina?
Yall responded quickly like a cheetah… that’s right I am talking about you FEMA!!!
If steroids are illegal… why yall ain’t do Mark McGuire shit for popping em like skittles?
But you wanna indict Barry Bonds because of him being acquittal

The rest of the things I been silent about
Here we have a chance to have a black man as our president
Ask for change but you constantly prevent change from happening
I guess it’s cool for a white woman to walk around half naked and pose nude playboy
But it is crime for a black woman as she portrayed as a hoe for a man’s joy
You have that Hogan kid who’s complaining in jail because he can’t chill with his friends nor go to the beach
Yet you have niggas in jail for who ain’t complaining but patiently wait for the day they can get back on the streets
You have people who all of sudden grow balls and become a thug on the internet
But know damn well that in the streets they get no type of respect
While we are taking shots at each other them bastards taking shots at us too
But finally we bout to get our reparations that’s been long overdue
And long as my lungs continue intake the polluted air I breathe
I am going to continue to politely say nigga as much as I please
2 Fingerz, 1 Love
SoEx/SEx (Da Beast)


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