GOTHAM NEWS: The government apologizes for slavery….

Slavery and Jim Crow are stains upon what is the greatest nation on the face of the earth, Part of forming a more perfect union is such a resolution as we have before us today where we face up to our mistakes and apologize as anyone should apologize for things that were done in the past that were wrong.”

The quote above is from Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen (someone I really respect for even thinking of doing this), who in one of his first actions as a new congressman in 2007, moved for a formal apology to be given to all African Americans on behalf of the entire country (July 29th).

This is some heavy shit…after all of the years of slavery, and the mental slavery that continues to this day…we,black folk, finally get a pat on the head, a CNN special and a big “I’m Sorry” Hallmark card from Uncle Sam, who from the last time I checked still has hundreds of slaves working for him, and dying on welfare (or in Guantanamo Bay)….oh well….I guess on behalf of African Americans, I’ll say…


naw, now wait….that doesn’t feel right…

what do you think Kunte?



Guess he aint feelin it, an apology at this stage of the game feels a little cheap, but I still commend Cohen for the thought…on behalf of African Americans though,I’ma have to take it back to middle school on em

(I guess they’ll say the reparations got washed away with the Recession)



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  1. timothy allen brown

    don’t get too respectful of him. he denies the armenian genocide, saying one his “biggest accomplishments” was unraveling a “resolution to condemn turkey for the armenian genocide almost a century ago.”. classy guy.

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