GOTHAM NEWS: Morgan Freeman hospitalized!

Damn, whoever doesn’t rock w/ Morgan Freeman needs to hang themselves…Freeman is hands down one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, black or white, hell, he played God and nobody questioned it…that my friends, is RESPECT…

nd in every movie he swags w/ that old man distinguished swag that you can’t help but love whether he’s playing hero or villian (he’s very rarely the bad guy though, who would wanna killed Morgan Freeman)


…and yes I saw WANTED…

…He’s like that Grandpa you wish was yours (of course never telling this to your real grandpops)…

unfortunately, here’s the news…

Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesperson Ben Williams said Freeman and a female passenger were traveling eastbound on Mississippi Highway 32 in Tallahatchie County when his vehicle went off the edge of the road.  Freeman overcorrected, flipping his 1997 Nissan Maxima several times before coming to a rest.

Emergency crews extracted Freeman and his passenger from their vehicle using the jaws of life.  According to Williams, they were both airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, where Freeman was listed in serious condition Monday morning.–Source

Our prayers are with you Mr. Freeman…



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