GOTHAM NEWS: John Mccain jokingly enters Wife into Boob Fest

“I was looking at the Sturgis schedule, and noticed that you had a beauty pageant, so I encouraged Cindy to compete, I told her [that] with a little luck, she could be the only woman to serve as both the First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”—John Mccain….

Now, anyone can easily tell that unlike George Bush, John Mccain isn’t a dumb person. Seriously, as boring as he is, I can tell that there’s a mighty mighty brain under that skull, oozing with the the wisdom of a man that, with two other guys, brought presents to Jesus as a baby and has lived to tell about it…

So if his wise ass were to become President, his idiocy wouldn’t be what would give us (and SNL) another 4 years of hilarious quotes and antics to point, laugh and shit on the Republican party over (no offense)

But his age on the other hand, which has been the focal point of the media’s disdain for the senior citizen ever since he tossed his authentic George Washington style wig into the Presidential race is a whole other story…So instead of thinking that it was a lapse in his intelligence, as to why he’d go to a motor cycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, look on their calender and think that a beauty pageant sponsored by a biker bar would be something he’d consider entering his wife into, I’ll just say that the old guy had a senior moment…

Now, of course he was joking…but somebody could’ve told the man that the beauty pageant he was jokingly referring his wife towards was a topless boobfest….I know it may ring as kind of obvious to the average but we all know that Mccain is far from average…he’s Senior Average…that’s Top Flight on the Average scale…

…on the other hand though, maybe Mccain has outsmarted us all and he’s really tryna tell us something…

…final thought though…seriously…to my dudes out there…

….would ya?



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