GOTHAM NEWS: Woman tossed onto rail for bothering youth smokers…

Sometimes I feel like my sense of humor is darker than most people’s… then I think about it and realize that those same people who may condemn me for finding some of the most fucked up of things funny are really just condemning me for it because I admit outwardly that it’s funny while they sink in their pools of denial, judgment and anger before eventually (in the privacy of their own masterbation closets) laugh harder than a college degree at the very same nonsense….

No I’m not being heartless, no I don’t find pain, agony or death funny (AT ALL), and really no I don’t find EVERY screwed up thing I come across funny, just at times the act itself, whatever it is, is damn hilarious….blame my brain I guess, but to me this is a natural human thing…

This story I just stumbled upon, I’ll say even before reading the story itself, the title of it gave me the giggles (nope, there’s no heterosexual way of putting it) and the police being outraged didn’t help my plight…

“We are appalled by this incident and hope the perpetrators are quickly identified.”

What happened was, these kids were coolin on a train station platform enjoying a smoke (I don’t support youth smoking, but it’s a part of life), when this woman approached them and told them to stop smoking there because it is illegal….of course they got annoyed.

The woman was just being a good citizen…but the kids weren’t having that, so she (being the ‘adult’) tried to snatch their smokes…

they thought for a moment…WWSD?

and then proceeded to throw her ass off the platform for messing with their session….

Now, after writing it out and thinking about it, I realize that this is definitely a heinous act that shouldn’t be laughed at….

…but the shit is funny as hell and I can’t stop laughing, it may be because I’m a smoker as well and I know if some lady walked up on me tryna snatch anything I’m smoking out of my mouth I’d be ready to toss her ass somewhere too…

It’s the fact that they actually did it cracks me up in a GTA4 kind of way…

And also it may be because of the image that comes into my head when I read about it…for some reason I see her approaching the guys, she snatches the smokes and then….


The woman survived the fall but had to be rushed to the hospital for burns and a broken collar bone…OUCH…She’s lucky to be amongst the living seeing as she was thrown on a live rail pumping 750 thousand volts

For the record if she would’ve died, I wouldn’t have laughed….or at least I wouldn’t have admitted that I laughed about her being tossed before reading that she died from it….

…just being real…

The kids haven’t been caught or identified, but if that was their smoking spot, they’ll most likely be right back at the same place smoking as if nothing happened the day by tomorrow…

…call it smoker’s intuition…



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  1. She needed to get tossed. You can’t go around snatching folks cigarettes unless you can make them afraid to retaliate. If you can’t inspire fear, you need to fall back on trying to force people to do shit. that’s just a survival rule.

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