GOTHAM NEWS: Man stabbed for not giving up parking space…

I’ve heard of road rage…but I guess parking lot rage is the new flavor of the year. I’m not gonna lie, I know I’ve caused my share of parking lot rage the few times I’ve cut in front of other cars and taken their parking spots….I know it’s fucked up…but I’m going to have to use the gas prices excuse…nigga aint got time to waste gas riding around the parking lot all day looking for spots…if you aint in it, then it’s free as far as I’m concerned…

…well that was my thought process until I found this news story...

Wrong Space Wrong Time representer, Jerry Uesele, is in serious condition (getting treated in a Liverpool Hospital) after being stabbed three times in the back and stomach by Robert Silvester Gregorec.

Uesele was coolin in his car with the motor running, when Gregorec walked up on him requesting to take his spot….Uesele gets out the car, they have a big argument, Usele walks away and gets knifed up…

Things that Uesele now knows never to do again:

1) Sit in the car with the motor running (THATS WASTING GAS)

2) Get out of the car when an angry stranger approaches car ‘requesting’ his spot (Seriously, if a man is bold enough to get out of his car and tell you to move, face to face, he probably has a weapon near)

Parking Lot Rage is officially a real term now…just like the first accident that Road Rage caused spawned the Road Rage term (And Move Bitch song by Ludacris), a nigga just got stabbed up over a parking space spawning the birth of P.L.R, history has just been made…

…it’s officially the end of the world….

The craziest part about this story for me….well aside from the story itself…is the time that all of this went down…11:30 AM in front of a crowd of people….

Who leaves their house ina morning and just feels that the day isn’t complete unless he brings his handy dandy butcher knife?

…Does it get that real in the Autralian Food Court?

And what the hell was Gregorec (The stabber) in such a rush to buy from the mall?

…Maniacs leave so many questions behind…



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