Reports have surfaced that the military is funding researchers at the University of California to create an invisible cloth. The cloth will be able to bend light around itself making anybody rocking the cloth officially a member of the Fantastic Four…

We’re taking it there Jetsons…the flying car never popped off…but the FUTURE is starting to rear its head…everything is being controlled by computers, animals are getting cloned, our music sounds like a buncha robotic bullshit…and now invisbility is almost possible…

I hope the military keeps a strong hold on that, because as fun as it would probably be for the common person to be able to be invisible, the repercussions are too great.

I call this invisibility cloth “Stalker Technology”…aside from all of the wannabe superheroes and supervillians that are gonna pop up, and all of the freaky folk that are gonna be masturbating and sexin in public (niggas do it in public w/o invisbility, think about it)…I would be most afraid of the stalking ass females and bitchMen that are ‘Omarion in a male strip club’ level excited at the though of this possibility….

: ooh Bow Wow, look..a new toy..

Call me paranoid if you want, but all my people out there with the myspace stalkers that won’t go away and won’t stop saving your pictures and uploading them into their photo albums claiming you know how drastic these stalker types can get….they do exist…

…..listen to the movies….



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  1. I think this shit is crazy. Who really needs to be invisible in real life. The government is always researching something that is going to put our nation in a worse situation than it already is. I guess I should be worried that I am going to begin getting stalked again, lol.

  2. Dear Friends, This is just start of science fiction. I am thinking how to make time machine. We should appreciate the scientistis and theiir efforts. Every thing has two sides negative and positive, Like Sword Kill or Defense.

    This is good Invention

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