GOTHAM NEWS: Toddler’s body found in suitcase, killed for not saying “Amen”

As much joking as I do when trying to report all of the crazy stories I find and put up, this one is one of those that actually pissed me off in real life after reading it…in real life….

The body of this toddler, Javon Thompson, was found in a suitcase in Baltimore, the child was starved to death by his mother (and others) for not saying “Amen” after eating….Lil dude was only 19 months old…

His mother is Ria Ramikissoon, member of this cult by the name of 1 Mind Ministries, she along with her accomplices are being charged with first degree murder for not taking the kid to a hospital after he stopped breathing…but, according to Ria’s parents she shouldn’t be charged in any way for the death of their grandson…

“My daughter was a victim, just like my grandson,Somebody made that decision to not feed that child, and my daughter had to follow instructions.”—Ria’s dumb ass Mom

I don’t care what the circumstances are, what your belief is,your religion…screw alllla that….a mother should never let ANY harm ever come to her child…period…If a bear runs up on your kid, it’s time to become a Yogi killer, if somebody pulls a gun out on your child you make him eat that gun, if Jesus himself came down to earth with Buddha as his tag team partner wielding machetes, then it’s time to fight Jesus AND Buddha and go to hell (or become reincarnated as a cockroach) for your kid….if I offend anybody by saying that, tough, but that’s the mentality that a real mother is suppose to have…I could care less if somebody disagrees…

The others that were in on killing this kid were cult members, Queen Antoinette, also known as Toni Ellsberry or Toni Sloan, Marcus Cobbs and Trevia Williams

They regarded the boy as a “demon” for not saying Amen (at 19 months old), so they figured they’d starve the demon out of him. After the boy died, they ordered the mother to burn the body, then afterward she stuffed the remains into a green suitcase.  The cult then left Baltimore for New York leaving all of their “luggage” with a “Friend of the family”.

The info leaked to the police via a confidential snitch and two kids growing up in the cult, that obviously at a young age understood that what was going on wasn’t right…

So I’m saying, two lil kids can vouch and say that things were wrong and twisted, but this Ria lady’s parents are defending her saying it was against her will? ….once again, that is some cow manure, it’s not even bull shit, because we respect bulls enough not to turn em into a value meal…it’s cow manure…

I understand that people get caught up in these cults and turn on their family, ok ok I get that, I’ve seen the movies….but certain things just go beyond the C.M. The only love I can guarantee and say I’ve seen is true with my own eyes amongst all of the loves, above man and woman, above bestfriends, even above man and God is mother for child….even the worst mothers, when it comes down to it will die for their children…

…no jokes, no fancy lingo or sarcasm, and yes I’m being (more) judgmental (than usual), but I gotta say any mother that won’t die for her child might as well…

….because you are hogging up the air of mothers that WISH they could have died for the children that they’ve loss…



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  1. Thank you for putting into words how I felt when I read this story. When I think of this story and of the one concerning the Fundamentalist Mormon Church in Texas, I ask myself what on earth has been said to these women – the mothers of molested daughters and murdered children – to make them think this kind of treatment is a good thing???? (Pardon my shouting)

    I haven’t been blessed with children – but I look at how some kids are treated and I have an urge to find them and take the kids away. Unfortunately, I would spend the rest of my life in prison!!!

  2. I totally agree with you (and I’m not even a mother). When I saw this story I was disgusted with the grandmother of the little boy. Her daughter is more to blame than those of the cult. I’m not exscusing any of them, but a mother should do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect her child from the ignorance of other people. Even if that ignorance is theirs. And any sane person would have become suspicious when they “talked” her into starving the child. And BTW (maybe I misunderstood, but…) if the grandmother knew her daughter was starving the boy why didn’t she do something about it before it came to this? Makes her just as bad as all those others involved in my opinion.

  3. Hope the DA there has more guts than the Cobb County, Georgia DA did in a similar case in 2007.

    An equally dangerous cult called Remnant Fellowship found itself under scrutiny when two of its members were arrested, tried and convicted of murdering one of their children when they followed the child-rearing directions of the cult’s leadership, self-anointed “prophetess” Gwen Shamblin and her sycophant lieutenant Tedd Anger. When the members, Joseph and Sonya Smith went to trial, however, Remnant was able to cop a deal with the prosecutors and avoid getting dragged into the murder trial.

    As the Church Lady would say “How conVEEEEnient.”

    So that twisted woman Gwen Shamblin to this day strolls around from coterie to coterie in her little Southern cult hothouse, blindly followed by about 1100 or so people, many of whom are children who are just as vulnerable to the practical lifestyle excesses Shamblin advances as “God’s Way” .. and who likely have endured abuses that would make you swallow hard.

    Sad that it’s only when children die in the horrific ways that cults set up for them that this issue EVER pierces the national conscience.

    After all, Britney Spears lack of underwear and the premiere of the next action flick installment at the metroplex are far more important.

    Murderous ministries are afoot everywhere. They are as American and home grown as mom, apple pie and McDonalds. The problem is everyone forgets about them when they drop off the front page – except the victims of these cults and those very few activists and ministers who can’t let this evil be forgotten and who do what we can to get people out of these groups and aid them in getting a firm foundation on reality again.

  4. I am tired of reading these stories about people who are killing there children and not taking responsibilty for it. I don’t know what type of herbs the grandmother of the child is on but she needs to leave it alone and get in touch with reality. Her daughther is a murderer and she needs to be punished for it. At 19 months a child doesn’t even understand what you are forcing them to say they are just going along with the information you are giving them. I am also disgusted with these people who say they are doing harm to their children for “religious” reasons ( I use that term very loosly). I hope the D A puts her ass under the jail and gets the grandmother some kind of help because she is not playing with a full deck.

    There was a similar story to this one a few years ago in which the mother claimed Jesus told her to only feed her daughter 1 cracker and a glass of water every day. In this case the mother was sentenced to the maximum sentence and hopes that is what happens in this case.

  5. this was an effed up story

    very obvious comment by me

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