GOTHAM NEWS: Man arrested for standing too close to his bride…

…PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s no secret if you’ve been keeping up with this blog that I’ve had quite a few screwed up run-ins with the law, a few too many for this 22 year old black man to take in without being biased against any screwed up thing a pig does….Not all cop are pigs, but many pigs are cops so whenever I report on em you can expect a tinge of Pig-Discrimination…for that I apologize in advance…well, I don’t really mean the apology, but it sounds nice to say…anyway…


This was a bitch move by the police officers in my view…..but really, what other kind of moves do most of them make? {Insert Sean Bell/Rodney King smart ass quip here}

This guy, Timothy Cole, in New York remarried his ex-wife (marriage sucked so good he ordered the sequel), when out of the blue some cops that knew him and his wife personally, recalled that the wife had a restraining order on Cole…

Ain’t marriage wonderful…

See, I’m no expert, but I could’ve sworn that on your wedding day, at some point of you have to be…I dunno, I’d guess….kinda close to your significant other….I could be wrong…

So yah, being the upstanding officers of the law that they are, the cops arrested the man right after the “I Do’s” of his wedding remix for being to close to his wife…My question is, if they agreed to get married, why was there still a restraining order in place?

Once again, ain’t marriage wonderful?

Now, before people start talking about “They were just doing their jobs”…be real, as officers of the law they have the power of personal discretion…if you’re doing 50mph on a 40mph street, they can use personal discretion to not give you a ticket….if they see you smoking a blunt on your stoop, they have the personal discretion to look the other way (and hit the blunts themselves,I’ve seen it)…this may be a gray area, but hell, cops sift through more gray areas than a senior citizen’s comb, so they could’ve let that man slide on his wedding day….it’s his WEDDING DAY after all….they just couldn’t help but give into their natural urges to be penises…

I understand that penises get minds of their own from time to time and don’t always make the most popular decisions, I know, I have one and sometimes my lil dude gets excited as well….unfortunately for Timothy Cole, it’s illegal to beat these particular penises….so he got the long shaft of the law as a honey moon gift…

I dunno why I’d expect the police to do the human thing when MOST (not all, I’ll admit NOT ALL) of em have bacon in their blood…

…as well as bullshit …



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  1. marriage .. heh .. my comment is …. no comment 🙂

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