GOTHAM NEWS: Man gets shot in the head, and drives himself to the hospital…

After reading this report about an unnamed 25 year old Australian man that was shot for apparently no reason in the back of the head, only to get up, I repeat GET UP after being shot in the head and drive himself all the way to the hospital, check himself in, showed proof of insurance and everything…

here’s the quote for those that don’t feel like clicking the link (i know, it happens):

An Australian man drove himself to hospital after being shot in the head during a fight outside a Melbourne gas station.

“Police say a 25-year-old man who was shot in the back of the head by an unknown gunman and drove himself to Werribee Hospital after being left for dead on the Kings Rd. nature strip in St Albans” the Herald Sun

THEN reading about the government making Invisibility Cloth….added on to the rise of psycho killers this past week…we should all swallow our prides and admit that this guy:

….was right….

superheroes ARE REAL



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