GOTHAM NEWS: Teacher under investigation for trading “A”s for breasts…

I remember when I was in highschool there were like 2 or 3 stories that had surfaced in the news with a woman teacher getting arrested for “molesting” male students. Now I KNOW that I’m not the only guy that felt that if one of my sexy teachers wanted to get it popping in the break room during lunch (or recess, I had sexy elementary teachers too) I’d have NOOO problem with it whatsoever, nor would I see it as molestation in the least bit, hell, the only thing different between a 15 year old male and an 18 year old male when it comes to thinking about sex is that….




I guess there isn’t any, people could argue all they want about the “adult” taking advantage of the “Child’s brain” but in the case of guys and sex…it doesn’t change…if so, somebody let me know so I can txt message that newsflash to my penis…ASAPTUALLY…

Now ona side note, in the case of girls, there could be a double standard at times in the fact that girls tend to have more issues towards men then guys towards women. With guys, it’s just a matter of sex, with alot of girls…emotions tend to get involved or some daddy issues resurface and I can see the mess that it can cause as to why those male teachers should get arrested for fondling the little ladies….


So we hit college, still with those hidden fantasies brewing but now we’re old enough to act on em without getting somebody arrested (or gruonded) and some guys in the privacy of their own resourcefulness have taken a professor or two to bed….but the untold stories of what happends with the little girls that grew up and graduated, and I’m talking about the ones that shared our same “appetite” for teacher/student “tutoring”…Rumors are always present, but none of em are proven true until guy like this one pop up:

Doesn’t he look like a teacher? I dunno, I know statements like those are dumb as hell to make because logically, nobody can ‘look’ like an ‘anything’ but….

i’m sorry, but that mafucka looks like a teacher…

Yah, like that cool teacher that gave them hard ass tests so you couldn’t hate him because he was cool, but you hated his class cuz them damn tests were too much…yeah….that’s him…he sure doesn’t look like he gave out “A”s in exchange for….fondling (GASP!)…

Naw…not him…I don’t believe it…

His name is Arthur Miller and he is presently on a “paid leave” from the University of Iowa for allegedly giving out A’s in exchange for a little boob to hand action…

“Police said he allegedly asked to touch the breasts of four female students between May 8 and 13. In return, he would give the students “A’s” in his class.”–Fox News

Now honestly, I’ve wondered for some time what goes through the mind of that girl in the class that is so {Insert Adjective for GORGEOUSFINE here} that even the professor can’t stop thinking dirty about her.

You know, the girl that most of the time doesn’t even get a compliment in so many words…just:

She knows she has the power over him, whether its the fact that she always gets extra credit for basically doing nothing but looking like the word “DAMN!”…or he’s always cracking jokes with her and finding excuses to make his way to her desk to say something that he could’ve said where the hell he was sitting, especially since most of the time the fine ones are in the front of the class anyway, right?….

I always wondered how many of em take advantage of the power that comes with it and with my handy dandy google search bar I see exactly….well, what I expected….

this type of stuff goes down so often that the story is damn near a waste to report on…

From the the  four teachers (male and female) charged with having sex with highschool seniors…to the African newspapers presenting their woes with the subject as if it were an epidemic ….to, wait, the funniest one of all was this 16 year old girl that set her teacher up for that kill…

This is Isaac Nathan Tillis….. and unlike Professor Arthur Miller, in both the picture right there in the blue AND in his mugshot…

He successfully looks like the kind of guy that would definitely offer his 16 year old student an “A” for some head….read it yourself…

So back to our most recent guy, Good ol’ Arthur…

The police seized 47 emails from his university account, some of the emails were to faculty all talking about the investigation…others were from students about grades, extensions, finals and options for students to “negotiate” the grades they got…

….”negotiate” grades….

….no in all seriousness, It happens…it does…

I negotiate grades alla time, fareal….and even if his own fellow faculty don’t believe him, or I should say would rather “not comment” on whether or not this has happend before or not, at least his wife stands by him

“The whole situation is very sad for us,I believe these accusations are false. We, as a family, are looking forward to the day all of these charges are dropped and his name is cleared.” —Natasha Ivanova

After thinking about how immoral, and unfair and just not noble it is to trade sex in for good grades, I have to say I retract my earlier statements…don’t get me wrong, I’d still have sex with a teacher if she was sexy…just not for good grades, because I’d rather earn my way to the top, feel me?


….ite, real talk (ya’ll knew it was comin)…I’ve been in school for 18 years (starting a PreK)too long, I’m to the point that I’d hump the mascot (if it were a girl), I’d hump every dean and professor from the old to the oldest, shit I’d even hump one of the many ducks that take up more space than the students on Dillard University’s campus if it’d get me outta school faster…seriously





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