GOTHAM NEWS: Disney forces Spike Lee to end beef with Clint Eastwood…

When it comes to the Oscars, Spike Lee has been getting shitted on for years. It’s crazy that such a well known and respect name like SPIKE LEE has yet to get the real props that he deserves. Maybe he’s just too black for the Oscars….no, that isn’t a maybe….SPIKE LEE IS TOO BLACK FOR THE (GOLDEN) OSCARS.

Case in point? Malcolm X…why didn’t Malcolm X win an Oscar?

This was a movie that told the story to a “T” and even had Denzel ACTING….yakno, that thing that he’s always getting props for doing but lately barely does…

Malcolm X was too black for the Oscars too, half of em on the board prolly had parents catch beatdowns from some of Malcolm X’s followers back in the day (before his Africa calmed him down) and thought to themselves…

: Malcolm X got a movie? Fuuuck that, I’ve got only two words to tell Spike Lee and Denzel Washington?

: NAH!

Well, this is seemingly a new day and age for the Oscar committee, in recent years we’ve seen Denzel take home an Oscar for being a crooked cop, Halle take home an Oscar for being a country bum and Forest Whitaker take home the Oscar for being a corrupt African….I swear if Jamie hadn’t won the award for Ray, I’d have to say that that nigga Oscar is tryna tell us something…

So with the homie Oscar finally seeming to have an open mind to jungle fever, Disney wanted another One Night Stand with Mr. Oscar with there Spike Lee directed war movie, ‘Miracle At St. Ana’ (whose cast better look more like the Harlem Globetrotters than the Mighty Ducks with all of this fuss). I guess Disney notices that Spike’s blackness has ruffled the denial filled feathers of many in Hollywood, and while they respect his artistic merit, this is DISNEY…


They can’t have one of their films bomb because of Spike Lee was ina 50 Cent mood a few months prior and pissed off the wrong people…So what do they do?

…Force Spike Lee to dead his beefs…first one up to the grill?


Ona sidebar, who would’ve ever thought that Mr. ‘Do The Right Thing’, Mr.’ Jungle Fever’,  Mr. ‘School Daze’, 40 Acres and a Mule Productions, the ‘Hollywood Sharpton’ would ever make a movie with a company whose history includes this

….well when you think of it, a strong majority of Hollywood companies have histories like this, so i guess we’ll leave it all in the past…besides LION KING, TOY STORY and THE INCREDIBLES have to be three of my all time favorite movies…Leave it in the past is exactly what Disney wants Spike to do by polishing Clint Eastwood’s toenails with his super Spike Lee tongue….

Turns out that when Clint Eastwood made those Oscar-aiming World War II films, ‘Flags of Our Fathers’ and ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ he happend to forget that there were a such thing as black people….common mistake….so he omitted having any black soldiers in those movies, of course ‘Hollywood Sharpton‘, Spike Lee had to let it be known that he didn’t see not one black face at war in a war where just as many black men died as white men…

…it really pissed Denzel off..


You know Spike WAS looking HARD the black folk too, it’s Spike Lee after all, he probably goes to the movies every weekend just to count how many black faces he sees in every movie in the theatre, just so he can use that same amount of black faces not used in one movie in his….case in point why he’s a one of the only movie makers not named Tyler Perry that has predominately black casts from time to time (and time again)

…*sigh* Tyler Perry….

…at least his plays are enjoyable…

So yeah, Spike spoke up about this white skinned, blue eyed Jesus style error angering the Dirty Harry artifact enough to say

“tell Spike Lee to shut his mouth”Clint Eastwood tell that nigga Clint!….why do I recall Clint Eastwood having catchier shit to say though?

Anyway, Disney wants an Oscar, they don’t want the beef with Clint Eastwood to mess this up for em, so Spike takes one for the team and sticks his tongue in Eastwood’s ass…

…sometimes a tongue in the ass of a famous old guy is for the greater good

Just ask:

…BILLY BOB must have the golden penis that the legend foretold….



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  1. I was cracking up at the Golden Penis.

  2. Spike Lee should have two Oscars, Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X. But…. of the million plus black soldiers in WWII, only 708 died in combat, many of whom were stewards and cooks on Navy ships. On Iwo Jima blacks were barred from front line roles. Looking at the 2 movies separately:
    Letters From Iwo Jima: This movie is in Japanese, with a Japanese cast. American soldiers are only shown fleetingly with the exception of a few with speaking roles lasting one scene.
    Flags of Our Fathers: Not that great of a movie, but black soldiers were shown in this one. Since it focused mostly on the aftermath of the battle, and also entirely on the flag raisers, this is probably justifiable.

    If I was going to attack a Clint Eastwood movie as racist, it would be Gran Turino. It just came off as condescending how they took this old white dude who is all ‘spooks’ this and ‘gooks’ that and somehow its OK because its how he joshes around with his Italian friend who calls him a pollack. The only upside of that movie was that spoiler on the Hmong gangstamobile, I lolled.

  3. denzel washington is of course a very good actor and i think that he should have lifetime achievement award too _

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