GOTHAM NEWS: One legged prostitute found dead…

Mannn, you can’t make this shit up, the world makes me happy, I swear, because laughing at it helps me get through life’s dramas… this story, a one legged prostitute gets killed because the dude knocked her out of her wheel chair and her one legged ass busted her dome ona wall….it isn’t suppose to be funny, at all and don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing at her death…real shit, rest in peace 38 year old Elizabeth Acevedo….

but damnnnn….when I saw I’m Gonna Get You Sucka and the hooker popped her legs off and shit, I still laugh to this day because I was thinking that it was only some movie shit, a one legged hooker? I mean damnnnn, life has a sense of humor… (yes that is a retarded dog, life is fucked up for that)

She wore a prosthetic leg, but also used a wheelchair after losing her leg in a train accident. The prostitute had 67 previous arrests for prostitution and drug charges.Investigators are looking for a suspect, who they believe was a client who hit Acevedo over the head with a heavy object.—Fox News

This story is sad on so many levels…wait pause…wasn’t there a one legged hooker one Deuce Bigalow male Gigalo?

…Yaah….damn, there wasn’t,I think he just had sex with a regular one legged chick…yeah…well damn, with Hollywood’s high demand for one legged women, she could’ve at least applied to get a reality tv show just being a real one legged hooker

…but back to the seriousness of the matter, it is a sad story and on going struggle that gets remixed and remixed and sampled and sampled to the point that facing the music is impossible because our ears would be bleeding with how many times this tragic melody is produced….in other words it’s fucked up….

…but, damn…i gotta say it’s kinda funny, I would apologize but I wouldn’t mean it…so just feel me or forget me…



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