GOTHAM NEWS: Yung Berg gets his ass beat and chain snatched!

This should be the Featured Funny for the week, FAREAL….just a few weeks ago Yung Berg was running his mouth about not liking “darkbutts” and now karma has put her dark skinned foot up his ass and down his throat with one leg…

What’s the story? well it turns out that Mr. Berg was coolin in Detroit friday night about to go perform all two of his hits, he touched down in town and was suppose to go to his hotel to check in with  his manager and erybody that puts money into him, bt instead he decided to make a plan b at this club called Plan B, a club partially owned by local rapper Trick Trick

Now for those of you that have never heard of Trick Trick he’s big in the D and was signed to Shady Records, yup Eminem’s label for a lil minute…he never came out with an album under Shady Records but is reportedly PAID enough that it doesn’t bother him much. People talk about having goons, but this nigga seriously has GOONS…peep what they did to Trick Daddy for mouthing off

Real shit, and this is TRICK DADDY, he isn’t just some Soulja Boy or Prodigy that you can kick around and get away with it…nah…Trick Daddy supposedly had a problem with Trick Trick’s name being Trick Trick since it was so close to Trick Daddy.  Trick Daddy may be one of the kings of the south, but erybody knows to not talk no shit in somebody else’s hood, especially about them….lesson learned I guess…

Back to the Mr. Sexy Lady, he was beaten by cats affiliated with Trick Trick but they are saying that Trick Trick actually broke up the fight and had nothing to do with the assault of Yung Berg…what a great guy….Yung Berg comes into his club, gets his ass beat in five minutes of being there and Trick Trick is there to save the day in the nick of time….

…the thing that makes this sound weird that Trick Trick had nothing to do with it is the fact that they kept his chain….


“Yung Berg’s security quickly scooped him off the ground and rushed him onto Cap’s tour bus that was parked outside of the club. His transformer chain (pictured above) was snatched during the mayhem. He was then taken to his hotel but did not receive any medical attention. He only suffered minor cuts and bruises and of course his a** was in total shock. He literally landed in Detroit and within that same hour caught a beat down. “Welcome To Detroit” first site to catch wind of the beating)

Why did he get the beating? It’s coming down the grapevine that it was due to something he said about Detroit rappers awhile ago…which to me is complete b.s. The dude randomly went to this club, it wasn’t announced that he’d be there and in 5 minutes he got his ass beat, I don’t think these cats were holding onto some random ass old quote he said in an interview…I mean damn, do Goons really pay attention to pretty boy Berg?

The prolly saw dude enter…told Trick Trick…what’s that? Oh yah, Trick Trick said he had nothing to do with it….riight, ite…they told “whoever was in charge”, this “person in charge” probably had a light bulb pop up at the top of his head, which resulted in Yung Berg getting fists and feet added to the top of his and bang we have news. If Trick Trick says he had nothing to do with the nigga getting his ass beat, then we’ll have to take his word for it because I plan on hitting up Detroit someday….but still, to keep it 100…we wouldn’t even be talking about Trick Trick if this didn’t happen, so he can say what he wants, but niggas will do anything for publicity….


…and I ain’t mad, because if I had the power to beat up a lil bitch ass rapper, get away with it, take his chain, up my street credit AND publicity that’ll probably get my name out and album out quicker…I’d do it too, if I could get away with it….and best believe, Trick Trick is going to get away with it….

…I mean IF he had anything to do with it that is, and he didn’t…

After getting his ass beaten and pulled out of the club by his security who showed up late, what do you think Berg wanted to do?  Get deep and get them niggas back? Start a war with Detroit? Give em “Da Bizness?”

…nah, he wanted to get….the….FUCK! ….duh nigga….

Can’t blame him, dude fled before even performing all of his two hits for his fans, I know a majority of them were pissed seeing as how they probably had to BEG their parents to let them stay out later than curfew to see Berg, and their parents probably said “No” so they most likely snuck out anyway only to have the concert cancelled due to Berg “being sick”…

…i guess karma is catching up to everybody these days…




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  1. Damn. young penis(thats what his name really mean) is really a bitch ass nigga. I feel sorry for him because there’s no cure for bitchassness yet. I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. damn berg… that nigga wearing yo chain… damn dog

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