GOTHAM NEWS: 12-year-old Arizona boy guilty in mom’s shooting

Eminem is one of my favorite rappers, one of the hugest selling points for him as a rapper is his story growing up in a house with an abusive mother. I use to listen to the song “Cleaning Out My Closet” whenever my Moms or Grandmoms pissed me off, and I swear even at my most angry I could never bring myself to say half of the things he was coming at his Moms head with….

em2You selfish bitch! I hope you fuckin burn in hell for this shit!”

“Hailie’s getting so big now, you should see her she’s beautiful/But you’ll never see her she won’t even be at your funeral!”

“Bitch do you song! Keep telling yourself that you was a mom!”

“Remember when Ronnie died, you said you wish it was me? Well guess what, I AM dead, dead to YOU as can be!”

But hey, his life was very different from mine and with all of the turmoil he poured into that song (as well as many others while he was still prominent) I still don’t think he’d ever match the level crazy it takes to go ahead and actually MURDER his mother…hell, if so he’da prolly done it (given all he’s claimed she’s done), thankfully Eminem didn’t pull the trigger, but this 12-year old Arizona boy may be getting his ass turned into a vagina pretty soon.

“Judge James Conlogue found the boy guilty after a hearing Friday in Cochise County Superior Court in the southern Arizona town of Bisbee. The boy is not being identified because he was charged as a juvenile. Conlogue ruled that prosecutors had proved the boy acted intentionally and with premeditation when he shot Sara Madrid, 34, eight times on Aug. 1. The shooting happened after the boy had argued with his mother over his chores.”—Associated Press

jb-amazedOk, so Moms told him to put out the trash a few too many times and the lil guy goes apeshit. He says that he didn’t mean to kill his Mom, just wanted to get her back for yelling at him.


I don’t know about you readers, but where I’m from, kids get together and tell war stories about how bad some of the beatings we’ve gotten from our parents were, whether its the good old belt, a wire, a switch, a hanger, a paddle or the dreaded kneeling down on dry rice horrowshow, I’ve heard them all…and through everything we all still grew up to laugh about it WITH our parents in adulthood. To hear about this 12 year old losing it like this on his Moms leads me to believe that he’s either pretty pathetic or crazy as fuck. omen

And before I get the, “He’s 12, he’s too young to know better”  rants I’m gonna say FUCK THAT in advance, because I remember being 12 (and remember losing my virginity a year later). 12 years old isn’t some brain dead age, really it’s the first stepping stone into adulthood…Disney Channel is full of these lil overly smart mouthed 12 year old fuckers, and don’t get me started on the 12 year old that made the Forbes list…

Didn’t hear about him? Well, here’s the fucker right herepencilbug Jason O’Neil is his name and he made BANK off of creating those little pencil buggers he’s posing in the picture with…yes…he’s smiling like that because he’s a damn millionaire off of crap that you can make yourself using Dollar General materials…am I hating? NOPE, get that money homie! Cuz if I could’ve done it I would’ve…And no, it’s not just little white boys doing it big at 12…check out lil Leanna Archer, 12 year old owns her own hair product company and hustles as a motivational speaker…leanna1

diddy: *cough*

So yeah, i’m not trying to hear that the gears don’t turn in the 12 year old brain…

diddy: *cough*

…Okay Mr. Combs, I’ll shout out your 12 year old son too…looka lil man right here…

justincombs (GETTIN IT! lil diddy)

And with that said, I will say this, the age of 12 is also a year that you’re finding yourself, from this point on you begin to become who you are going to be for years to come, it is an age that leads to change, so it is very well possible to rehabilitate this lil dude before he’s stuck being a crazy adult…jo

Prosecutors wanted the boy tried as an adult, but the judge ruled the case should remain in juvenile court after a psychologist and psychiatrist testified that he suffered physical and verbal abuse from his mother and could be rehabilitated in the juvenile justice system.—Associated Press

“Physical and verbal abuse”…boo hoo for the little fucker I guess….lesson learned here kids, you can KILL and get away with it  as long as you do it before you’re 16…class dimissed, you are now free to go home and play Grand Theft Auto…yay

Real talk though, the case is tragic (unfortunately not one of a kind) and touches basis on many hot button issues. The kid is obviously missing a buncha screws and nails upstairs and with help he can change and proceed to be haunted for the rest of his life, should we really hold him at fault forever? There are many criminals in jail that see the errors of their ways long before their punishment is up and don’t get me started on the “Does the punishment fit the crime” debacle, because I think Jeezy put it best…

jeez“god damn another trap i think bush trying to punish us
send a little message out to each and every one of us
real g shit boy thats really unheard of
when you get more time for selling dope than murder
in this CRAZY WORLD!”

Is prison suppose to be like timeout? Where you’re in it so you can think about what you’ve done and eventually time back in (Rehabilitation) or is it the end of the road, you do something bad and your life is over (Damnation).

As much as people would like to fight for the Rehabilitation argument, it seems like they’re just wasting their time anyway because even rehabilitated criminals still get seen as criminals, and the majority wind up not being able to get jobs worth anything (if any at all) and wind up back into the system where they provide free labor for the government (Slavery). But that topic is a whole other tragedy in itself…


Good luck kid, however your cookie crumbles, your fucked up journey has just begun…



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