GOTHAM NEWS: Connecticut Man’s dying lotto ticket wins 10M for widow…

john-mccain Old people are taking losses left and right. From the Morgan Freeman accident leading up to the huge huge John “He’s Too Old To Be President” Mccain loss, to this…

and don’t forget…

It seems like Old People just can’t get the W with wrinkles in tact. Hell I woke up this morning and saw this random report of a 61 year old woman drowning in a frozen pond trying to save her dog….the dog lived, ain’t that a bitch (literally).

Well, have no fear Seasoned Citizens, the curse is over your chosen one has arrived…too bad it had to come through tragedy…but,hey, what miracle doesn’t?

On the day that Donald Peters died, he unknowingly provided financial security for his wife of 59 years and their family. Peters bought two Connecticut Lottery tickets at a local 7-Eleven store on Nov. 1 as part of a 20-year tradition he shared with his wife Charlotte. Later that day, the 79-year-old retired hat factory worker suffered a fatal heart attack while working in his yard in Danbury.—Associated Press

widow This sexy mama’s name is Charlotte Peters whose loss begat the biggest W  ever….remove this Golden Girl’s diaper because her wealthy ass bladder is shitting on everybody now…

On Friday, his widow cashed in one of the tickets: a $10 million winner which, in her grief over her husband’s death, she had put aside and almost discarded before recently checking the numbers.

It’s horrible that she had to lose her spoogie but what a way to go out, though the Old People curse is broken Donald Peter has just made it hard as hell for old niggas to die in the future. Now, women are gonna start expecting something great on ya way out…or maybe he’s set a trend and more and more lottery playing fogies are gonna die leaving fortunes to their widows…shit, for 10 Million Dollars I’ll marry an old man for a little while…

old-man: REALLY?

Just playing…..

…i think…

Here’s a question….Which family member of yours would you trade in for 10 million????









You’re a fucked up individual if somebody really came to mind….but I understand…

Charlotte Peters has 60 days to decide whether to take a $6 million pre-tax lump sum payment or stretch the winnings into 21 yearly payments of almost $477,300 each.

I heard that if you die before receiving all of your lottery payments, the payments just stop and that’s it you can’t transfer the yearly payments to anyone else, so if I were her I’d just take the 6 Million up front, fuck it, she thought she was getting 6 Million anyway and all she wants to do is buy a Corvette and go to the Casino…

“I thought I had won $6 million, but was surprised to learn from lottery officials I’d won $10 million.”

She does not yet know what she will do with the money.

“I’ve always wanted a Corvette, but I don’t think I’ll buy one. I’ll stick to a small car. I might go to Mohegan Sun,” she said, referring to the casino in Connecticut.—Associated Press

Words of advice to Grams…1) BUY THAT CORVETTE SEXY MAMA 2) You can’t be telling people where you’re going to be, you’re a millionaire now and trust, people do not discriminate when it comes to jacking folk….hell, police even beat old ladies these days….don’t believe me?

“I’m going to go home and sit and think.”—Charlotte Peters

That is your best bet…CONGRATS SEXY MAMA….




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