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stagebat…Today’s Featured Writer is my family, my brother my dude, MIKE 5IVE…check out on his reflection of the day, this historical day…


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Today is a weird day.

Today is a day like many other days that start off with morning prayers, yawns, scratches, deep breaths, sighs and silence.

today is like the morning troops were riding to Normandy, Aug. 29 as residents check wind damage homes and lit bbqs, the morning where Rosa Parks laced up her shoes headed out to work, the morning those kids decided that today was the day they were going to get service at the woolworth’s counter.

today is history! today in being historic is not our day (the present) today is the day those of the past and that of the future. today is the day my father & grandmother have been waiting on. today is the tears & pain of the past dedicated to fighting for tomorrow cause their today was unjust and inhumane.

today is the day that langston was writing about where he would finally get to sit at the table with the white folks and his guest eat and discuss as an equal instead of a 2nd class servant in the kitchen. this
is what today is.

but in this precious moment called today I’m still puzzled in the significance of it all. I feel the obvious of it as I watch a black man take the helm as commander-in-chief, which had been unfathomable in the past. I also recognize the rejuvenation of hope and dreams deferred in countless people especially in the youth (our future). I’m proud that obama has made it but i’m fearful of what’s to come. I see the comparisons of JFK & MLK. i’m spooked though because in all the hope and pride there is in the world i’m hoping that today is not blotted by the tyranny of evil. I’m also puzzled in the atmosphere of a party. I know today is ”THE DAY” but I’m lost on the concept of a party. I mean let’s celebrate but we shouldn’t make this an excuse to have a rum & coke or with the Obama girl. this day should really be the day we reflect on those of yesterday, the fallen and the
surviving, today and figure out how can we make everyday TODAY cause this day is a culmination of the fear. grief, the tears, the prayersm and the hope of the past…


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  1. The day became a great, historic day

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