GOTHAM NEWS- 78 yr old woman beats the crap out of 84 year old husband….

Old_Lady_t250 Trends, or better yet fads, are the driving force of the media’s chokehold on society. Aite, maybe not the driving force, but they’re definitely much more than just a fart on the highway. When a trend explodes on the mainstream, it cannot be denied and once the media start publicizing it, it cannot be avoided. Remember when pink was only for girls? When the rockstar fashion was only for white ppl and “weirdo” black folk? When button-ups was for ‘squares’? When shoes with holes in them were only for nurses? What about when thongs were only thought to be for strippers and pornstars?

When big butts was counted as fat? bigbtt

I’m not about to sit here and trace every damn fad dating back to when owning ‘niggers’ was ‘en vogue’, but I’m sure you get my point by now, that our society are sheep to whatever our idiot boxes say is cool and you’re ‘weird’ if you don’t fall in flock. Nothing to cry about, it is what it is…but this time it seems that the power of the FAD

Not to be confused with the other powerful FAperez

The power of the faD has been proven to have no boundaries or limitations and even that piece of the society that you always rule out on getting involved with us dumb youngins, now find themselves getting wrapped into the fixation that’s currently popular this month.

The senior moment of the hour this time can only be blamed on one man….

this mafucka…chrisdog

Yes…Chris Brown….Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t one of those people on the bandwagon bashing the lil homie when he used his Ike Turner powers to Hulk Smash the pop princess. I always felt like it was their business, as fucked up as it is couples fight all the time and those same couples that fight every night were the same people pointing fingers and ready to grab the pitchforks and lynch the kid for making a mistake. Obviously they’ve been beating on each other for far longer than we’ve known and they still want to get back together and beat on each other some more (hell Rihanna has had 3 different boyfriends in the past 3 months) which made the whole topic get a bit disgusting after awhile, especially with everyone giving their opinions from Oprah to Donald Trump.

““She better get the hell out.  If she goes back, she’s a loser, and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”Donald Trump


Really, would Donald Trump even know who these kids were if it wasn’t for the domestic situation? I don’t mean to misjudge but I highly doubt he was a waiting to be under Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ or ready for Chris Brown to ‘Take Him Down’…he doesn’t know one lyric, prolly thinks Chris Brown is a rapper and Rihanna was in highschool musical (You peep he said “future success” not particularly regarding anything, cuz he has no clue what her past success was specifically)…basically, mafuckas were just speaking on the subject to get exposure.

THIS JUST IN!!! …MC HAMMER SPEAKS ON CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA! (got his ass a new CASH4GOLD commercial)


THIS JUST IN!!!… RICKI LAKE SPEAKS ON CHRIANNA! (got her ass a new show)

04_Features - APRIL



I was just waiting on Chris Rock to produce the ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Post-Rihanna reality show, cuz I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be the most hated black man in America, I think it would’ve gotten ratings…


what else we gon watch, they canceled The Game…derwin

Well, even though my show idea for Chris never popped off, a few naked Rihanna pictures later and Chris Brown has finally spawned a fad…popular with old people.

A 78-year-old woman arrested last month for allegedly beating her 84-year-old husband because she believed he cheated on her several times during their marriage was charged Thursday with assault.—Miami Herald

chriwbrown DAMNNNNN CHRIS! Ike was beating Tina’s ass before I was born, Bobby got Whitney strung out on coke, Mike Tyson and Lorena Bobbit both made marks on the world, but your Michael Jackson dancing ass was the one that got old people connected with current events seen on MTV and TMZ instead of CNN and the Weather Channel! (Cuz don’t get me wrong, old people love the news…and now the news is paying em back…)

Prosecutors said she hit him with a bowl, pipe and carpet sweeper. He suffered broken ribs, pelvis and a wrist.Miami Herald

LOL…The news said Chris hit Rihanna with a fist, a foot, some teeth, a dashboard, a window, a door, some fingernails and left Rihanna with a broken up face, which isn’t as severe what these grandparents were doing but I’m saying when a fad has hit, there’s always somebody to take it to a whole new level.  Wow, I can only imagine what it’d be like to see somebody’s grandmother whooping somebody’s grandfather’s ass with a pipe and a carpet sweeper…what’s next? GrandmaGun

For all we know, this fad may have been poppin for some months now with old couples, in the privacy of their own homes, smacking the shit out of each other before dinner then forgetting about it by breakfast, but no.. this old lady is special…she’s the “weird” one, the one that actually feels that she remembers…EVERYTHING…

One witness told police the woman admitted kicking her husband three times in the groin in the last six months because she believed he had an affair 35 years ago.—Miami Herald

Wasn’t the Chris Brown/Rihanna fight started because Rihanna thought he was cheating, Rihanna caught the knuckle orgy, but this old lady here wasn’t having it.chrisbrownfatty

Nope, she’s having her husband cough up her toe nails 35 years later. See that’s some woman shit right there, I don’t mean to play the Gender Card (wait, is that a card?) but it would be an old WOMAN to keep something in that long, just waiting…waiting for her chance to strike, yeah call me sexist! whatever, ya’ll women know the best time to bring it up…and GrandMaSomebodys knew just what to do, the VicFlip…yah, ya’ll know what the Vic Flip is..I know  my niggas know those arguments that we’re completely winning because we’re right and the woman knows it too, then she brings up that wildcard that has nothing to do with the argument and FLIPs it to the point that she’s the VICtim and now we have to put our “W” on the side to make up for an unknown “L”…yah, ladies…we’re up on that one, and keep falling for it….fuck_you

The woman was jailed on $70,000 bail—Miami Herald

So this old lady here, not only VICFlipped the shit, she wanted to take no prisoners…she basically waited til the old homie (84!) was too old to fight her ass back to bother him with a bullshit argument, VicFlip then give him a beating for something that neither of them can prove because the other party is prolly dead by now, and she got this entire plot from watching how Chris Brown played pinball with Rihanna’s grill, feeling that the world has become such a way that she has to kill or be killed, beat or be beat, carpetsweep or be carpetswept, take the old guy out because she ain’t a “loser” and Oprah might help her sell a book….damnnn GrandmaSomebody your VicFlip powers are strong, because now I’m feeling where you were coming from…ain’t that a bitch…an old one…hope her retirement fund can cover the bail….

Chris Brown…this is all your fault….chriscourt

but this aint…

…this is just funny …lol



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