GOTHAM NEWS – Black officer killed by white officer…

Anyone whose been keeping up with this site already knows my disdain for cops it’s not that I don’t understand that there job is one that has to be done but it isn’t the cops (cops do their jobs w/ no b.s attached), it’s the stank ass pigs that stink up the pin (is that why they call jail the pin? pigpin?) and the unnecessary anxiety that black men are subjegated to from the force we’re suppose to trust to protect us is reason enough to hate them as a whole and love  the cool ones as individuals….wow, now I’m starting to feel like a racist…

Oh well, when Officer stops playing OverSeer, filling us up with enough bullets to make an outline (chalk one) for life’s research paper,  or at least when I get the image of my lil sister getting punched in the face, for only asking them a question (TRUE STORY!), out of my head then my disdain for the officer’s will be dropped…until then…

fuck-police No matter how much I hate the establishment, I don’t hate people and this situation is still disheartening…

A plainclothes policeman who drew his gun while chasing someone he had found rummaging through his car was shot and killed by a fellow officer who was driving by and saw the pursuit. 25-year-old Omar J. Edwards died after being shot late Thursday within blocks of the Harlem police station where he workedNYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“damnnn the police have either run out of criminals or are finally realizing who the real criminals are…it’s becoming a pig eat pig world”

Now if that’s not what you thought…then screw it, that’s what I first thought, screwed up yeah but that’s just the nature of the black man’s brain towards cops.  Eventually my rational self took over and started feeling bad because the dude dead…yeah I can catch on late like that sometimes, felt bad for a split second, then went back into shock as to what would provoke a cop to shoot another cop? Or really, did this situation have to end in someone’s life being taken???

The shooter was white and Edwards was black, a fact that could raise questions about police use of deadly force in a minority community.—

Then it all made sense….omar

I’m not trying to call Al Sharpton (fuck AL) and the NAACP this time, I’m not trying to go into some long Black Power, Fuck the White Man ass rant this time around…but damn, if it aint bad enough that they’re killin innocent black civilians, now they’re killing innocent black COPS, they’re own kind….why? It seems like a weird karma, and I don’t mean on the Officer that was unnecessarily killed in this mess, I mean on the Police Force itself…maybe karma isn’t even the right word, do I want to say irony?

Police have been trained to racially profile blacks, that’s widely known, if they’re in a black area their mindset is already conditioned to be on alert and seemingly in New York with so many black folk getting murked, it’s become habit to shoot black first, ask dumb later.  Shoot black first means, they’re damn near trained to shoot anything black if black is caught in the “wrong” area. Not sure what area is considered “wrong” in this case, seeing as a black man with a gun chasing another black man in a poor neighborhood will get you shot because they’re thinking it’s some gang violence, and in a rich neighborhood will get you shot because they’re thinking you’re disrupting a “civilized” environment. Sounding lose/lose for the black man…and the hispanic…and the arab…all this brown is really starting to look like pig mud…

So if you train a pig to shit in the mud, how do you expect his instincts (the ones that you’ve created) not to take over WHENEVER it sees mud, whether in the yard where you want him to shit, or in the house where he isn’t suppose to….

….not that mud would be in ya house, but you get where i’m coming from….

And in recent years there have been several cases of off-duty policemen in the New York City area being shot and killed by other officers.—

Case and point. This is the backlash of their racial profiling, super unfortunate, but apparently obvious seeing as this isn’t an…as they say…”isolated incident”

In 2008, a black, off-duty Mount Vernon police officer was killed by a Westchester County policeman while holding a gun on an assault suspect in suburban White Plains. A grand jury found the victim had failed to identify himself as an officer. County officers — one white, one black and two Hispanic — were cleared of wrongdoing by a grand jury.
In 2006, a New York City police officer, Eric Hernandez, was shot and killed by an on-duty patrolman who was responding to an attack at a White Castle in the Bronx.
And these are just the major stories, there’s always that in the boondocks killing that nobody even hears about…
I’ve always said that there’s definitely something wrong with the establishment if it has us being afraid,hateful, nervous all around negative towards cops. But when cops are killing each other, just because they’re black, then we gotta look at this as a deeper issue that will only get worst in subsequent generations. I mean if so many blacks have a mistrust for cops for killing the innocent, how will it come across if they’re killing each other, for no other reason but because this is what they’re trained to do (that’s NO WHERE NEAR a valid excuse).  I don’t have the answer, cracking that code would probably cure racism…or at least the swine flu…I dunno, but after watching Miss Evers Boys yesterday and reading (and thinking too hard) about this issue, I’m just outdone on it all….
Kelly said Edwards had been on the force for two years and worked in the housing bureau. He was recently married and had two young children.

And what sucks is this won’t be the last report of this nature…no where near it…
“While we don’t know all the details of what happened tonight, this is a tragedy. Rest assured that we
will find out exactly what happened here, and we will learn from it so it doesn’t happen again,”—Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Oh, and politicians are trained to be full of shit, I think if they don’t have enough hours of Community Bullshit on their resumes they won’t be allowed to run for office.
R.I.P Omar J. Edwards.

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  1. ur a dumbass and should die

  2. You are right. The cops like to shoot first and ask questions later. Look at the indicent with Christopher Ridley who was shot by thiose “gun happy shoot first and ask questions later” Westchester County Police. And even after that incident, they still continued to behave in an obnoxious manner. They love to throw their weight around. Frankly, if the police needed by assistance in solving a crime, albeit a serious one, my answer would be “Stick it in you police hat!!”

  3. If you are white and want to become a police officer in America :
    YOU CAN:
    1. Be a coward and murder innocent sleeping black children as young as seven and just say it was an accident!

    2. Shoot a black unarmed mothers in the head and then shoot her two year old son finger off and just say TOO-BAD-SO SAD!

    3. You can shoot a unarmed innocent black man 41 times (MOST IN HIS FEET) and be back to work before his body in the ground! With nothing more then a out and out LIE!
    4. Shoot a black man and his friends over fifty times killing the unarmed black man and putting 19 bullet in the surviving passenger and 4 bulletin the body of the back seat passenger!
    5. Shoot a unarmed black man in the back murder him in cold blood and get three to four years in prison!
    6. Shoot a 92 year old black senior citizen 39 times 6 hitting their mark. Then plant drugs in her home and a gun in her hands and handcuff the dying senior citizen. Then lie lie lie!
    7. Kick handcuff punch innocent black men get caught on video and be back to work in a couple of months found not guilty!
    8. Chase a black man and shoot him upwards of 60 to 90 time after the unarmed man stop his car!
    9. Stop & Frisk black children in New York going to and from school. Make them take off their shoes and drop trousers in public!
    10. Kick down black people doors and make their children and them lay in their floor! You can place your foot on their back,neck or throat and hold a conversation!
    11. Can murder black cops and just say TOO-BAD-TOO-SAD just another accident!

    NOTE: And the society we live in could careless …They are concern about other country civil right and NOT black Americans!

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