GOTHAM NEWS – Man arrested for calling 911 over missing orange juice…

Me and McDonald’s have a love/hate relationship, I love to hate their drive thru workers and Ronald hates my love of burgers without cheese. If  cheese could kill me I’d be a damn millionaire because I would’ve sued Mickey Ds long ago. For some reason Ronald decides to hire the dumbest mafuckas alive to work in his cow cemetary.

Now don’t get me wrong, I use to work at a MickeyDs, so if you’re reading this and you’re a McDonald’s worker don’t think I’m saying you’re dumb because you work at McDonald’s…I’m not saying that at all, a j.o is a j.o ….I’m saying you’re dumb because you’re dumb and I’m mad that McDonald’s hired you. Yes you, the worker that can’t make a double hamburger without cheese.  How annoying is it to HAVE to check the bag when you’re on the go because you KNOW they fucked up your order, or worst, to get all the way home only to realize that they’ve…yep…fucked up your order. THEN they have the nerve to have an attitude when they’re the ones that fucked it up! Its fast food, we go there because we’re too lazy to cook, but messin with the house that Grimace built you end up putting in more work than just tossing a Hot Pocket into the microwave.

Damn, I want a Hot Pocket right now, I was in the store yesterday and noticed that they have new flavors and everything…BBQ Chicken Hot Pocket, W…T…F.  But that’s my ‘high’ side talking, back to the story at hand

An Oregon man spent Memorial Day in jail after dialing 911 to complain that a McDonald’s worker was rude and didn’t give him an orange juice he ordered. Raibin Osman was accused of improper use of the emergency telephone number.—

If my memory and fat ass history serves correct this guy got screwed because this isn’t the first story to come out with someone calling up 911 because Ronald’s children messed up their ‘supper’. Who remembers the lady that flipped out and called 911 THREE times because Mcdonald’s didn’t have nuggets? Yeah her name was Latreasa L. Goodman

“This is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency! If I would have known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one,” Latreasa L. Goodman later told police. “This is an emergency.”—Latreasa Goodman

What’s crazy is she looks exactly like the McDonald’s worker that works at the MickeyDs up the street from me..I mean EXACTLY like her, I guess some McDs workers just have that look. Not to be confused with this idiot protesting outside of McDs for being fired..C’mon man, its just McDonalds…

I feel her pain though, not that I’m happy to hear a story about a black person calling 911 over chicken, I can see where she’s coming from at least on a base level. It’s like being at work all day with nuggets on your mind, bucking yaself up because you just know those nuggets are going to hit the spot, then you get there and they say they outta nuggets all they got is burgers. Mafucka, you are McDonald’s home of the McNuggets, ya’ll the reason why most of these other fast food spots added chicken to their menus, how the hell ya’ll run out of nuggets?! I picked nuggets cuz I wanted nuggets, not this greasy heifer on bread (though I did go to BK once and they were outta Whoppers, fast food sucks)

And peep she didn’t even go to jail, nope, no time served just got a story in the newspaper…don’t even think she got the nuggets either… guess Florida has different laws….either that or she called Officer Ricky who was too busy to trying to figure out a new mobsters story to claim as his own since the real Rick Ross is getting out of jail soon

Shouts out to Ross though, I hear his ‘posse’ is gonna hold him down…

Now as ASSinine as it was for him to call 911 over an orange juice, it does seem from this report that I’m not the only one feeling like a “Beat A Mickey Ds Worker” Day needs to be official, cuz it should be a crime to receive attitude, screwed up service AND nasty ass grease sandwiches..I mean damn, we take the grease sandwich at our own risk, can we at least get it made right …I’ll even take a side of attitude if the order was right, because then I could flip right back on they ignant asses and drive off…but now, if they give attitude if I flip back on them, I gotta come right back ’cause (as expected) they’ve messed up my order which gives them the opportunity to give my burger that spit sponsored payback…

At least they can give a nigga a complimentary fry, pie or ounce of weed for my troubles…

Oh wait, the cat that was peddling weed out of the Drive Thru window got arrested didn’t he? Oh well better than the idiot worker that left his pipe, lighter and weed in a Happy Meal box only for some family to find it and have him arrested as well… 


And people wonder why I laughed when I heard about the Utah story a few months back, where this lady pulled up at McDs at 2am and got super angry because they had switched over to breakfast from the dinner menu.  Once again a situation that I’ve been in, their breakfast is expensive as hell compared to the dollar menu, plus when you got fries and chicken selects on the brain, you know DINNER type ish, a damn hashbrown and a jelly sandwich with eggs on top just won’t cut it…

When the employee explained that they had already switched to breakfast during the early hour the man in the backseat demanded they be served dinner regardless. After the employee replied they were unable to do so, the customers drove up to the second window, and the customer asked to speak with the clerk that had taken their order.  The female clerk apologized for the misunderstanding, but quickly ducked for cover when two men jumped out of the car and one pulled out a sawed-off shotgun from the trunk of the car. —-Source

Yes, it does get that serious over a Big Mac…and yes they did begin shooting at the drive thru window…over that serious ass Big Mac…

According to police, the man fired one or two shots at the employees behind the window, shattering it and damaging one glass door before rushing back in the white Dodge Intrepid and speeding away—Source

2 AM is pretty early for the breakfast change over, my McDs usually doesn’t start breakfast til 4. Nobody was hurt, but damn did hearing that story make my day for some reason, I know it’s wrong to laugh at violence and somebody could’ve been killed and yadda yadda, whatever, nobody was hurt and I was hoping that that story would’ve scared a few of Ronald’s Children straight. But…NOPE, next day once again, they messed up my burger. Now I cook more…point was, these cats got away as well, so the homie Raibin Osman should feel super played for being arrested over an orange juice, when one lady called 911 three times over nuggets (which cost more) and got publicity and another group got away with almost Tupacing the Hamburgler and got notoriety. Sucks for you Osman, maybe when McDs does its next Monopoly Million Dollar give away, you can get one of these:

And once again that Hot Pocket is sounding tasty as the hell…



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  1. I actually kinda wanted to do this b4. I like added cheese to my hot n spicy. So this one time i dont get my cheese….pulled off and notice, turned right back around. They asked for the bag, ‘fixed’ it, and gave me the bag back. Not only did i not have my cheese, they took my fries and gave me 2 apple pies. Woulda kept the fries if it wasnt for my mom feeding them to me n the bro when we were younger like they were instant dessert after dinner, got tired of them. Give them the bag back, with the receipt this time. Get the fries back but i get a big n tasty instead of the hot spicy. By this time im pissed off cuz now ima be late for class. Why is it so hard for ppl to follow directions? I was bout to spazz out of the drive thru worker, then remembering i used to be one at Micky D and it wasnt her fault for the idiots in the kitchen that got a screen in they face sayin what to fix. So i ask to speak to her manager. Finally got my shit… A good 20 mins in the drive thru…for some damn cheese.

  2. Woulda kept the PIES* if it wasnt for my mom……

  3. Sounds like you have ADD…i would know….and a bad case of the munchies…and ya know, even though ive had my fare share of mickey D nightmares (which usually start after ive eaten my food lol), I think you should reconsider doing one of these on popeyes cause they are the absolute worst! Its like that Dave Chappelle episode of Pop Copy when the workers are being dicks because they know niggas gotta get they paper copied anyway!..yea so popeyes workers be onnat bullshit cause they know they product is that crack!

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