GOTHAM NEWS: Black Lottery winner’s remains found under house…

A well known adage in the hood is that “niggas don’t win the  lottery…old white people do.”

Look how happy they look…You see that look on his face? It’s the look of satisfaction, sure..he probably also just shit himself..but wouldn’t shitting yourself be the most satisfying thing ever after winning 10 million bucks for your troubles (I’d shit myself too!)? Hell, your wife would HAVE to fall in love with your manmade ass-musk if it was generating that kinda paper…you see her face? The picture tells it all….sure, both of their souls are probably gonna be getting anally raped by the Grim Reaper any day now, but at least they’ll die with something to show….unlike so many other former millionaires…

Ignant? Definitely…..but I know me and my nigs couldn’t be the only kids (born JJEvans broke),growing up mystified and tripped out that a little old white lady in Kansas, or this old white couple in Colorado, or this middle aged white woman in Cleveland, or this semi-middle aged mostly fogie aged white man in Wisconsin won the lottery.  Just like a black president,somewhere in our mind we figured if one black person could do it anyone of us could, no matter how hard the task is, that’s our mindset.  Once the first black man was let into sports, we took that shit over.  Once the first black man made his own record label, we all popped up with record labels.  Hell even seeing a black man get into space ona movie, had a black man really doing it the same year. Shouts out to Guion Bluford…

AND most imporantly…Billie Dee Williams… (first jheri curl n space! WHODAT)

Whether it’s golf, skate boarding or porn, once a ‘nigga’ cracks open the door it officially becomes the underground railroad.  So even it’s picking random combinations of numbers ranging from 1- to infinity for a (suspect ass) computer to haphazardly select and make any combination that chance allows it to make in hopes it lands on our super special picks…it’s nothing, ya see black folk are  competitive by nature.

“Ain’t no way that nigga can pick random numbers and get money better than me, fuuck that..I’m motivated!”

We needed that role model.  We have black role models in every other facet of life,so where was our lottery winning role model? Huh? If there were black lottery winners, they must’ve been hiding them, either that or the game is rigged.  And yes, that’s something we also do in the hood…come up with conspiracy theories to answer unanswerable questions regarding our (seemingly just as random) placement in the world (poverty).

Then through the power of google, I found me one.

Ibrahim Aboubaker….Now this is either a black man who was really lucky, real good at guessing, or knew that to trick the system and confuse the computer you gotta give yourself a funny ass name.  Either way, a role model has been…wait, no fronting as I write this, I’m looking at the picture and the name and now, I’m not sure if he’s black or middle eastern….

Aight, nevermind…he’s ‘suspect black’ and ‘suspect black’ doesn’t count (Just ask Bush).  Well after years of searching, the LotteryMessiah has come (well, came in 2006 forgive my hereditary CPT), unfortunately his story, though disproving one old addage, ends up proving yet another. “All that glitters, ain’t gold”

Police have identified human remains found buried under recently added concrete at a home in Plant City, Florida, as missing lottery millionaire Abraham Shakespeare–CNN

Can you imagine winning $31 million at 43 years old? That’s alot of years of hard work…homie was a truck driver. His family reported him missing (November 9) and the investigation has been ongoing since.  He hadn’t been seen since April, mostly due one of the most grim realities associated with success….LEECHES

“[We hoped to find him alive] he truly had just wanted to hide from those who were asking him for money.”Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

We always think about the selfish side of it, “I need money”, but the selfish eye is always the blindest to the bigger picture..he became a hard working man turned target.  After he won the money, a former co-worker even tried to sue dude, saying that Shakespeare  stole the ticket from him. After the leeches…come the haters.

He had to hide from friends, family, Lil Wayne and everyone else, definitely not the life envisioned by so many of us licking our lambchops at the $200 million Louisiana Powerball sign.  And I ain’t gon front, I’m still gonna be licking my batchops and millions of people across the country are still going to keep buying into the scam of it, because it’s human nature to want hope.  What’s one dead person, compared to the dreams of many rite?  Even the slaves were given hope (it was called white man’s religion at the time). Unfortunate.  Yeah, the  O’jay’s definitely put it best:

The home he was buried under supposedly belongs to the boyfriend of a friend. The case is now a murder investigation.

“It’s painfully obvious he didn’t get there by himself” Poly County Sheriff Grady Judd. (No shit Judd!)

As of now there are no suspects and the pigs are keeping their oinks to a minimum. Who knows if the case will ever be solved. I wonder what conspiracy theory can answer this question…”Why do we hate ourselves so much?

Rest In Peace, LotteryMessiah…



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  1. fucked up man, really shows how money runs everything. Greed is not a good look. Never understood how it can reach to a level of sabotage, backstabbing and in this case, murder. It only makes me more motivated to get my ass established, gain experience, get connections, move up the ladder, bank, bank, and more bank just so my grandma can stop playin these pick 3 and powerball nums for 50 cent boxed… uhh.. or hoever that lingo goes…

  2. I remember this story….which is why I’ll never win the lottery and stay around to talk about it

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