GOTHAM NEWS: Man pays for sex, doesnt get it

Sometimes I wish the barter system still existed. Yakno…instead of puttin all of that power (love, worship, etc)  into money, we could just trade shit.  I’m sayin… money could still be used, just when you’re broke and needed food, you could go to Wal-Mart and give em a Playstation or a goat or something in exchange for some groceries. I think crackheads were the last species on earth to incorporate the barter system, and while trading a sofa for a gram of crack isn’t necessarily a fair trade by most people’s standards, said crackhead for all of those 5 mins of crackhigh was a definite satisfied customer…

Well, since that green racist reppin paper is what makes our world go round (and country go upside down) we gotta follow the system. You want Wal-Mart to give you food? Up the paycheck.  You need a place to stay? Tell that wallet to STRIP. Hell, the oldest business in the world is the pimp created VTM machine, much like the  ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

….except you put your money in and well….

Convenient? Hell yah…you got the cash you get the (See Above ^^^)….so with this world agreed upon system in place, 

it should be against the law for any establishment to take my cash and not give me some form of the 

So I feel like this man in New Hampshire is justified in feeling that his rights as an American citizen have definitely been molested.

Police said the man called Marlborough Police on Monday to say he’d paid the woman and a third party $150 to have sex with him on Sunday, but she wouldn’t follow through.  —–  CBS News

Never in the history of prostitutes, pimps, business or vaginas have I ever heard of a hooker refusing to have sex with someone. That’s her job, that’s what she’s on this earth to do.  What if Barack woulda got elected, moved into the white house, got paid then said “F*CK this President shit? I ain’t doing it!”


I’d sue her, straight up…Why not? People are suing folk for waay worse.  The punkass NFL tryna sue local N.O establishments for selling shirts that say”WHO DAT!” on em, that’s N.O culture right there, but hey somehow they’ve got rights to do this shit huh?

 (don’t worry it’s almost over Nagin)

And before I get emails telling me the specifics of the law and all the bullcrap, I’m letting you know off top I’m biased and I don’t care, some shit means more to me than the black and white law. If you’re not from the N.O you probably won’t get it (tho its simple), let these local establishments get their money, cuz really if the shirts said “Ya Heard Me” nobody would have a problem. The NFL just sees $$$ cuz it’s in reference to the Saints, I get it, they own the Saints…they are owed money for anything associated with the Saints, blah blah blah…sorry Uncle Sam we really don’t care bout that shit down here. If I was in the NFL’s shoes, I’d want a cut (to be real), so go ahead…take a cut if anything, but try and understand the nature of this situation…don’t ban the people who really need the $ as well as the city that really needs the unity from enjoying their moment.  If the Saints were still a losing team, you wouldn’t care anyway right? (hell if the Saints lose the Bowl, they probably won’t care either)

Can’t 4get ’06…..  

And peep, Universal Music Group is trying to sue Michael Jackson for singing  R.Kelly’s “Ignition” in a home video. Universal owns the R.Kelly song, so they want their 3Gs for MicJac cooling ina whip singing to the radio. You didn’t know sitting in your car, listening to the radio and singing was against the law? Well, I guess the corpse of MicJac didn’t either, guess he’s the only artist getting sued right now that CAN hire Johnny Cochran for his case.

So yes Mister…you should sue her. But this story truly begs the question of what on Hades would make her refuse this guy? Was she slow and really didn’t get all the specifics of her job? Maybe. Did the pimp leave something out of the application? Possibly. Was she mentally disabled (see: retarded)? Hey, there’s been worse . Or maybe, at that moment see  finally found Jesus. Hmmm..The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways, so maybe the angel Gabriel popped out of ol dude’s sausagetop bringing messages from the Messiah.  It could’ve been the sequel to that Legion movie…all the reviewers said it sucked anyway, so it’s not like they can do much worse.  Because really, he couldn’t have been just that damn ugly. Dude would have to be a whole new level of fugly for an ‘escort’, a woman whose womb will ingest ANYTHING for a buck, to refuse him…nah, i’m not buying it plus she doesn’t have to look at the guy. So looks is out of the question, leaving I guess only one possible answer……

Either that…or the extreme opposite…

The world may never know (or care)…one thing we do know is, this guy had to be a complete and utter idiot for thinking that aside from paying the hooker BEFORE being serviced (WHO DOES THAT?), that calling the pigs and ratting on himself wouldn’t result in being arrested. I mean c’mon…they’re the pigs, you throw a fresh batch of slo into a pigpen, and they won’t question why or how the slop got their…they gon eat it up either way.  Because  unlike this out of order VTM, they actually do their jobs….for better or for worse.

Both parties are facing prostitution charges. WMUR-TV reported the 22-year-old woman and 32-year-old man were cited into court at a later date. — New Hampshire Union Leader 

Finally, something black men can laugh at involving the pigs….

One last thing I got to say on this is….Please NFL don’t send any athletes to my home to kick my ass for calling you a punkass organization earlier. You’re not a punkass organization, you just made a bitch move. Now I’ll take the ass whipping for saying ya’ll made a bitch move, cuz it’s the truth..that is all



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  1. im really tripped out that the hooker refused.. really makes u wonder wats up with dude. if that aint the ULTIMATE self eteem fucker upper i dont know what is. U cant even pay to get sex? damn homie, sux to be you. I dont believe that small dick crap… u get paid to suck and fuck, even when health status is questioned, putting u at risk, so im sure small penile syndrome cant be her more of a concern than that… then again.. ppl have some fucked up thought processes.. and she’s a ho… so.. eh…

    And if he is that oogly lookin atleast we know he has the Intelligence of a roach to match… u give the money up first AND u call the cops… smoooooth

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