GOTHAM NEWS: Woman arrested for trying to sell son….


Drugs make you do the damndest things. On crack a heterosexual male will offer to slurp another man’s yum rocket just to get another fix. On meth, people are willing to lose their hair, their teeth and any God-given beauty or chance at living just to chase a Home Depot provided high. Cocaine aside from the over the top dumbsh!t you wind up doing while on it can end you with one bad batch, heroin too.

And marijuana….uhm…wait that’s a drug? Oh yeah it is….well weed can…er…wait…no it doesn’t kill you, no you can’t overdose on it, yes it can be used for medical purposes…uhh…well weed is a drug by default. Default meaning our government has no reason to keep it illegal aside from the fact that they ignore the millions they’ve lost on the ‘Drug War’ and rather pay attention to all of the money they make off of piss tests, rehab centers, diversion programs, pharmaceutical companies, private prisons, regular prisons and much more. So yeah, seeing as we have the murderous drugs liquor and nicotine to our disposal Uncle Sam feels we should just be satisfied and happy with that and not bother him about why weed is an illegal drug.

I can’t help but ponder this, not because I’m a pothead or anything, but more because when looking at this lady

And seeing that she tried to sell her 5 year old son, to get LEGAL prescription drugs…uhm…I have to wonder whose fooling who here.

Jessica Marie Beers, 29, allegedly told a couple she met at church that she would sell them the boy’s parental rights. The couple, fearing for the child’s welfare, reported the woman to authorities, a statement from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said. The couple told authorities they noticed Beers struggled with a prescription drug addiction and believed the money would be spent on more drugs, the statement said. — FOX NEWS

First off, we should all laugh at her for trying to sell her kids in church. How can anything be kept secret in a CHURCH?!

I mean damn, do you throw the parental rights into the collection plate or the tithe box? #WWJD…Jesus didn’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have been the world’s ultimate son’s bright idea if put in the situation.

  Jesus: Sooooo……all you want is the son of the son of the living God and you’ll give me that bottle of Flintstone’s kids

Drug Dealer: I’ll even throw in a ring of TUMS and a extra bottle of Pepto Bismol, wasamp?

Hell, maybe she was just at the wrong church…it’s well known that if she would’ve hollered at the right priest at one of these midwestern cathedrals she just just might’ve gotten away with her HIGH hopes.

low blow? C’mon, priests jokes never get old…right? right?

Beers was arrested and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She was arrested for one count of prohibited acts, sale of parental rights and one count of violation of probation, the statement said — FOX NEWS

So now people are hard up enough on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS that they are willing to sell their children? I think PRESCRIPTION DRUGS have now been bumped up to the most dangerous drug category. Lets recap, crack makes you steal things to get money. Cocaine makes you a hyper asshole. Heroin leaves you dazed and confused for weeks. And weed just makes you hungry, sleepy and can possibly cure cancer (yeah HARVARD proved this, click here).

But now once again, it’s the legal junk (see: Liquor, cigs) that’s got people crossing boundaries. Selling your children to get it? What is this high like anyway? Are no more runny noses really that worth it lady? Or were the menstrual cramps really really mighty morphin power bad this time around?

The child has been sent to protective custody. — FOX NEWS

You have officially ruined your child’s life and that’s just what we needed….another ruined child




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