GOTHAM NEWS: New Yorker goes on stabbing spree, butt a$$ naked

Growing up in the semi-hood of New Orleans there’s a game that kids play called “Ni**a Knock”…ingenious name right? I’m sure you’re familiar with the rules and probably call it something different wherever you are in the world. You just run up to someone’s home, knock on the door and run away as fast as you can…it’s always funny watching people get pissed when they see no one’s at the door, ESPECIALLY if you can get away with doing it to the same person multiple time in an hour.

In most suburban neighborhoods people call this ding dong ditch, where you ring someone’s door bell and run away in the same fashion. Where I grew up very few people had door bells, plus startling someone with a loud a$$ knock is always more appealing to a bunch of preteens with nothing better to do. Children will ALWAYS get creative in the face of boredom. Either way as long as you don’t run into this guy, you’re all good

Whose he? Michael Bishop, whose Michael Bishop? He’s the guy that fired a shot gun as a 12 year old kid after catching him ding dong ditching his door. Sick right? Yeah, if you thought that story took ‘Ding Dong Ditch” to a new level…THIS story, takes “Ni&&A Knock” to last board on the game….

NEW YORK –  Police say Christian Falero was arrested Tuesday after he knocked on several doors of his apartment building in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan and then stabbed the people who answered. Police say a knife was recovered.FOX NEWS

That’s how ya’ll doing it in New York now? Anybody having sex at the time that this was going on HAS to be thanking the heavens for horny time. Yes, fornication saves lives.

Sh!t sounds like something from a movie.  Honestly sh!t SHOULD be a movie. Ya know what? We just might make this a movie, hope Mike5ive is reading this.  Next movie from Gumbo Monster “Knock Knock Stab A Ni&&@!” …..we’ll come up with a better name, but that’s what I’m running with for now.

Stories like these should make people have a whole new appreciation for peep holes.

23-year-old Falero was charged with second-degree murder and robbery.-FOX NEWS

The story didn’t say if this guy was clinically psycho or on meth, but one has to assume that no perfectly sane person would decide to do this. But let’s say this guy was sane and sober, how sick would THAT be? Motive?  Did he just get dumped by his girlfriend? (Pu$$y’s caused wars, why not stabbing sprees?) Blue balls? Both Michael Myers AND Jason Voorhees both had blue balls, so it isn’t out of the question…Did he have KNOWITALOSIS? Or maybe he just really woke up that morning and thought “…Yup, that sounds like fun”

Police say 81-year-old Ignacio Reyes-Collazo was killed. Police say three women, ages 60 to 85, were stabbed and a 22-year-old woman was punched. –FOX NEWS
Oh….so he just really really hates old people.  Must’ve been molested by Mr. Burns as a child and just snapped. The proof is in the pudding, he killed somebody’s grandpa, stabbed up three different grandma’s but only punched the chick his age. He must’ve figured that stabbing her as well would completely rule out his chances of ending his blue balls problem.
Guess only old people answer their doors without asking whose there first.  I swear, if I’m expecting guests, I’ll let you knock all day #EFFDAT, ain’t no girl scout cookies in the world worth getting poked up by a nutty neighbor.

For the record, I don’t condone “Knock Knock Stab-A-Nig&@”, R.I.P to the deceased and prayers out to the injured for real…but I can’t lie…”Knock Knock Punch-A-Ni&&a” DOES sound fun and funny. I’m mad that we never thought of this back in the day. The only person that couldn’t play this joint is Mr. Shatface from a previous story.

All victims were taken to area hospitals; one was in critical condition while the other three were stable. —FOX NEWS

They say rapists and child molesters get it the worst in prison. If this guy doesn’t plead insanity, I really wonder what they’re going to do to him for killing a bunch of old people for no reason. I grew up with my grandparents, so I know what I’d do if they were the victims in this. I think a SHANK RAPE is in order for this clown ….at least that’s how I’d end my movie if we filmed it.


******UPDATE*******: Just found out that the guy Falero flipped out because he thought the world was going to end after an earthquake that happened in NY that day…..SMH, going back to my blue balls theory, how come he couldn’t just get some poontang if he thought it was the end of the world? Why stab when you could smash? Now you’ll be getting smashed AND stabbed for LIFE…..#dumbass

“He was shouting, ‘The world is going to end! I want to die!'” said Edwin Rivera, 65, whose 85-year-old mother was stabbed eight times by the suspect. “He was saying the world was ending because of the quake. The guy was bugging out.” — REUTERS

Hey Falero, this one’s for you….#dumbass



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