GOTHAM NEWS: Woman arranges for husband to impregnate girl for tax write off!

Recession Recession Recession. I’m really curious to know what people did back during the Great Depression to get money and survive because that was REAL broke level sh!t. Standing in lines for hours just to get a block of cheese, a handful of sugar and a cup of sweat and not just the poor blacks for a change….ERYBODY.  That’s top level insanity right there, guess the ghosts of those folks are looking down on our complaints and getting female-dog slapped by Jesus for cursing us out from heaven. Gotta say though, even Jesus would curse this lady out…
A Florida woman is accused of arranging sex between her husband and a 12-year-old girl in hopes the child would become pregnant, leading to extra state benefits for the woman’s household, the Jackson County Floridan reports.-FOX NEWS

We’ve heard of people claiming other folk’s kids on their taxes to get money, that’s so common in the hood that the surprise committed suicide decades ago, but damn, extreme doesn’t begin to describe the ridick level of cashewmindedness in this story.

Alicia Ann Bouchard, 41, of Jackson County, reportedly faces charges of being a principal to sexual battery, soliciting sexual activity with a child, and being a principal to child abuse in the case. — FOX NEWS




ok, i’m good

Sooo the plan wasn’t to get pregnant yourself or even to try and claim the 12 year old that you conveniently had access to on your taxes….but instead you registered your husband for a R.Kelly license and let him legally cheat on you with Angelica Pickles…smooth, real smooth….

Aight, real sh!t though…I can understand why you couldn’t get pregnant, it wouldn’t be right to force a penis to fight that fight…but  why choose a 12 year old?

Matthew Bouchard allegedly said his wife’s goal was for him to impregnate the girl so that she could claim extra money from state benefits.

…this dude can’t be real…..these fu#ck#rs look related……he looks like a dead Oblong…With the wife looking like a truck driver and the husband looking like Uncle Fester (he should be called Uncle Chester) after a few years on powdered meth and chitlin jerky, no wonder sex arrangements with babies that didn’t know any better seemed like the appropriate way to go…..this guy would cause a sand castle in a prison woman’s panties…..they should be outlawed to have children.

(Adams Family)

Either way, the husband’s a pu$$y…hands down. If my wife was giving me a ‘hall pass’ to get some outside feline then there’s no way in hell I would’ve been talked into dipping my pen into the crayon box…to tell hell with that.  Every married man has at least 3 women that he KNOWS that he either is currently smashing behind his wife’s back, WANTS to smash behind his wife’s back, or use to smash behind his wife’s back…either way, I’m more than sure…unless this dude’s main hang out spot was DZ Discovery Zone (does this place still exist?)  he had to have premium sidesmash he could’ve partaked in, in the name of poverty that is…

The complaint goes on to state that the girl said she had been previously sexually active with Matthew Bouchard in the presence of his wife, the newspaper reports. –FOX NEWS

uh..ok…nevermind…it’s apparent that DZ Discovery Zone WAS the husband’s hang out spot.  And sidebar: DZ Discovery Zone sucked, if I remember right it was Chucke E Cheeze without the video games.  Just a big a$$ jungle gym with a lot of balls to play with and fall into….yeah, no games just balls….which is probably what the husband told the 12 year old to get her to his house *cues drums*

Don’t know what’s more morbid, the husband’s penchant for females fresh from the fetus….or the fact that the wife was into it enough to let it go down so she could eat…. She probably caught them in the act, got pissed then turned it into a punishment…..

“Oh yeah? you wanna screw 12 year olds huh? Huh? Well…now you gotta get her pregnant ………….or starve!”

Bouchard allegedly arranged sex between the child and her 26-year-old husband, telling the girl that “the worse that could happen is you would get pregnant,” according to the complaint.—FOX NEWS
If it was the parents that complained, then my question is where the hell were they and how could they not know that this lady was a nut. It couldn’t have been the girl that complained….wait a minute…what if it was, if anything she’s the one that got out of this scot free. She said yes to the sex and got out of it with just the experience of older penis, meanwhile she was able to get rid of this guy who’d DEFINITELY would’ve ended up stalking her at sockhops and proms for years as well as his nutty hungry ass wife who would’ve probably murked her for the child she was being forced to have…..damn, good job lil girl….smartest one out of the story.

Matthew Bouchard is charged with sexual battery on a child 12 years of age and is being held in the Jackson County jail along with his wife.FOX NEWS

12 Year Old girl = Genius (w/ horrible taste)
Alicia Bouchard = Idiot (w/ Gangster tendencies)
Matthew Bouchard = Tool (w/Pu$$Y swag)

….and they all lived happily ever after…The End



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