GOTHAM NEWS: Man arrested for illegally parking and calling the cops on himself…

Being a black man in America I’m all about taking a stand for what you believe in, hell, without the balls to stand up my entire race would still be lying down to this day. If you get pushed in America, not pushing back is suicide to any dignity or change that could ever happen.  So a piece of me really respects this Connecticut man…

Michael Andes, of Connecticut,  was so upset about the lack of parking enforcement in his town that he parked his car illegally in a handicapped space and called police over a dozen times.MSNBC

Dude felt so passionate about how sh!tty of a job the pigs in his city were doing towards giving people parking tickets that he sacrificed himself and his vehicle for the greater good. Meter maids, you better be listening…maf**ckers in Shelton, Connecticut won’t stand for your lack of ticket issuing….get ya’ll a$$es out there and order people to pay their government for parking in places that their government randomly deems wrong to park in, it’s your job to make sure that these tax dollars go to something important! GET TO IT!!



RAPE? ….

(see above)


Authorities say Andes first called police at 2 a.m. and yelled at a dispatcher.MSNBC

Dude wasn’t having it. He probably slept the entire day, only waking up to jerk off and commit feces in his toilet bowl… just so he could wake up at 2 in the morning to get in some pig anus over their lazy antics. The nerve of them not issuing tickets at 2 AM, #iSupport Michael Andes!

And like every great radical, he was not only ready to get arrested for his cause, but homie Big Mike was ’bout getting his a$$ kicked in the mighty name of illegal parking. You know, if you don’t fight for it…you really don’t want it, and if you don’t get your a$$ kicked for it…no one will respect you in the long run, so this a$$ whupping was not only necessary..but vital to all future supporters of…what I’m deeming…the “Ticket-Me B!tch” movement.

When [authorities] showed up, they subdued him with a stun gun and arrested him. Shelton police say they had to use the stun gun on Michael Andes Thursday morning after he became combative and screamed at officers that they weren’t doing their jobMSNBC

Now I’ll say this, pigs are never really too clear on what “combative” means. I mean, one of my closes female friends who I call ‘sister’ was with one of my exes one day (alotta ‘ones’) riding on the Westbank of New Orleans. They get pulled over by some cops, the pigs rough my ex up on the hood of her car a bit too hard for no reason, so of course my “sister” protests and asks why do these grown men have to manhandle a less than 120 young lady….she was greeted with a punch in the mouth and arrested as well for being “combative”….yeah, apparently it is illegal to ask a pig a question and very legal for you to get punched in the mouth for it..whether you’re male or female, #PigLaw.

Bet this guy was pretty combative too…

Witnesses at that scene said my sis wasn’t being violent at all, so who knows if Big MIKE did anything physical towards Porky and the gang…either way, the stun gun HAS to get him extra points on the respect scale in regards to his “TICKET-ME B!TCH” movement, and probably extra points in jail too because not everybody can say that the pigs had to use electricity to take em down…and he’s doing this, all for the good of his community. An honorable fellow indeed.

He was charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer MSNBC

The lesson to be learned here is definitely that if you fight for your beliefs, you WILL be rewarded. Sure, Big Mike shouldn’t have been charged with breach of peace, he was trying to bring peace to his neighborhood by getting these pigs off their lower back fat cushions…and no, he wasn’t interfering with any officers, unless they mean cutting their post dinner, pre breakfast breaks short or something…but yes, in the end, he got exactly what he deserved and pleaded for. The cops did their jobs.

Michael Anders was also given a parking ticket. —MSNBC

GOOD JOB BIG MIKE! You’re an inspiration to us all. Homie fought hard for that ticket and he got it….good sh!t Mr. Anders, good sh!t

Andes posted $1,000 bail and is due in court Sept. 6. There’s no phone listing for Andes. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.-MSNBC

A man as smart as Anders in my opinion doesn’t even need a lawyer, the happiest ending to his story would be seeing Big Mike Andes using that highly intelligent brain of his in the court of law. REPRESENT YOURSELF Mr. Andes, just like you represented for the city of Shelton…and yes, I’ve posted your story on my website because your sacrifice should not be ignored!

The “TICKET-ME B!TCH!” movement lives on….

Movement Supporters:

…and if you’re a fan of that movement, click here for another great movement to become a part of.



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