Rap On Canvas

Whaddup World! Ok, so lately, I’ve been listening to alot of Kanye, Jay-Z and Bigge, which is a lil unusal for me seeing as though I practically gave up listening to rap almost altogether. But for some reason, “Addiction”, “Dead Presidents” and “The What” have been ringing in my head nonstop for the past few days. So, with those three influences in my brain, as a approach my creative canvas, I decided to go to work.

After a half hour photo search, I came across what I felt were some pretty decent pics of them all. Quickly found a color scheme that I thought fit each of them and tossed on some filters that I’ve been playing around with recently. Initately, I had planned for it to be three individual pieces in a series but than I thought, “What would it look like all on one canvas?” And the end result is what you see before you.


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