GOTHAM NEWS: Stalker arrested after calling a man 65,000 times in a year

We all know at least one. That one person that refuses to get the hint that you have no interest in them. No matter how many times you tell them no, no many how many times they see you running away from them full speed. No matter how many ignored txts, calls, emails, facebook messages, twitter DMs and blocks they just keep on keeping on. They are usually lovingly named “Don’t Answer” in the phone, but some folk remix this title such as “Don’t F*CKING Answer”….”Not You”….”This B!tch is CRAZY!” ….”Never Again”….”Crazy F*ck” and my favorite ”Kill Yourself Right Now, Please” (gotta love the please)

I always wonder what’s really going on in the head of a stalker. As people, for things to make sense and for us to save face, justification is usually our drug of choice. Justifying isn’t necessarily lying because sometimes your justification can be entirely true, you may really have not gotten the job because you’re sexier than the hiring manager. You may have really gotten screwed over by the cops or even that fast food worker because of your skin color….but many times, especially in the case of dealing with unrequited love we will justify our lies just so the pain won’t hurt as much and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that….until you call somebody 65,000 times….not sure if there’s any way you can justify calling anybody 65,000 times…you tell me.

AMSTERDAM — A 42-year-old woman has been charged with stalking after she allegedly called a man she claimed was her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year, according to an official.—-MSNBC

In the age of txting, my girlfriend will probably call me twice a day max give or take, some days maybe more depending on what’s going on and some days not at all. But lets look at the math if you’re getting a call 3 times a day in a year’s time that’s 1,095 calls. Okay, now lets say your dating a clingy, possessive, nutcase of a girlfriend or boyfriend that calls you 10 times a day, EVERY DAY in a year that’s 3,650 calls.  Seeing this ratio, I neeeeeeed to know this woman’s justification for calling her boyfriend 65,000 times in a year. Thats damn near 200 calls (178 to be exact) A DAY!

Since the dawn of the txt messaging ability, we have all gotten a bit lazy when it comes to conversation.  I can’t lie, I rather txt most times than being restrained to a phone, ish feels like jail or being on timeout at times, ESPECIALLY without an earpiece….grrrrr,  curse thy neck cramps!  I rather see you in person personally.  My dude E. Buckles’ just did a survey of sorts on the topic, click below:

What use to be the initial phone call that got people comfortable with one another has now devolved into either a Facebook chat session or a txt message back and forth which I believe has significantly reduced the mouth piece (definition: a guy’s way with words with women) of many a young man.  The first conversation use to either make or break you.  While your over the keyboard game can be vicious, what are you going to do in person when your real self isn’t living up to what she was “LoL”ing at through typing.  Some stuff that isn’t even meant to be a joke, winds up charming the piss out of people just because they may have read the message a certain way and gave you points that you probably didn’t earn.  And on the girl’s end, alot of em are setting themselves up by not pushing for the guy to call them so they can hear the voice and see what type of person they are dealing with, because off the break chemistry is built from person to person interaction not social networking interplay.

So yes I fully understand and support the reason for phone calls even if txting is so convenient but I say all that to ask: WHAT IN THE HELL COULD BE SO DAMN IMPORTANT THAT THIS LADY CALLS THIS MAN UP 200 TIMES A DAY AND STILL NOT GET THE HINT!? Does dude need to put on his voicemail or buy a t-shirt that says “Your Vagina Is Worthless In These Parts”

Police arrested the suspected stalker Monday, seizing several cell phones and computers from her home in Rotterdam. Hague prosecution spokeswoman Nicolette Stoel said Thursday the woman argued to judges at a preliminary hearing she had a relationship with the man and the number of calls she placed to him wasn’t excessive. —MSNBC

200 times a day isn’t excessive? If my chick called me 10 times a day for a year she’d get dumped, it’d scare me….seriously. What are you not doing with your time that gives you the space to even be able to call me that many times? How bad is your life blow jobbing and how much of me are you trying to leech? A person like that will end up murdering you, justifying it and then crying at your gravesite bout 20 times a day for a few years and not think anything was wrong with any of it.

This woman officially wins the Fly With Bats #KILLYourselfNomination for the week. I hand these nominations out at least once a week from reading about weirdos in the news and I’ve got to say she takes this week’s cake, pie and other assorted nutty a$$ pastries in the name of suicide saving society.  No, everyone shouldn’t commit suicide, just the overtly life wasting, brain draining lot. Yes, even moreso than the guy that tried to dump the body in his neighbor’s garbage….that may have been silly of him, but at least he was doing something with his life, this woman was a professional stalker. I mean damn, she should’ve been getting paid to be on the phone that much and get no answer at that.

The man denied they had a relationship. —MSNBC

IF dude answered any of these calls, he couldn’t help but get pissed at anything she had to say to him.  No matter what it was this woman, that refused to believe that they weren’t dating, was going to piss him off. Peep it, I got mad at my Moms the other night for calling me 3 times in a row, because to me, unless it’s an emergency, calling me more than twice is excessive…she called three times so I thought something extreme had happened, turns out she was just calling to tell me about some facebook sh!t…I was pissed. Now putting myself in this guy’s shoes, not picking up the phone for hours to days to weeks, there’s NOTHING that this woman could say that could make all of these calls worth it. Not unless someone died or he won a billion dollars, a simple “Hello” would’ve gotten this woman a death threat from me….but now the question arises, what in the hell did he do to her to get her acting like this?

The court ordered her not to contact him again. ––MSNBC


“With great power, comes great responsibility” — Uncle Ben, Spiderman



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  1. Just thought about it, this is the equivalent of getting 65,000 texts a yr from person….your phone just keeps vibrating and the LED light never stops flashing. Someone woulda gotten based in the head. With the phone.

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