Monster Music Pick: BET Awards GUMBO MONSTER Cypher

My girl SamyRox told me to get some friends and enter this BET Cypher Competition for the city of New Orleans where the winner wins free tickets to the BET Hip Hop Awards on October 11th. I told her I didn’t want to do it, because I hadn’t spit in awhile and me and my folk been focused on movies lately, but she shot that shit down and urged me to do it anyway.  So I got my dudes Tizzo, Mike5ive and A. Nunn.  Picked a beat and went in, 4 16s later and man,,,,we actually won SOME BET HIP HOP AWARDS TICKETS!

We tied with this team:

And was in the top three with these cats….

F*cked up part is I can’t go because I’ve got to work on that day, plus I have rehearsal that night for this next play I’m in (Rumours of War, October 14-30 at the New Orleans African American Museum).  Show opens two days after the Awards show so I can’t miss rehearsal.Yah, I’m a lil drove but it is what it is. Gotta keep pushing either way, new movies coming soon, new music coming soon and the monster is expanding…We’re just aiming to make this site the best it can be,  just starting out and appreciate anybody reading and following… we feel like the under dogs, but sh!t..aren’t we all?  I feel like I just kicked into awards speech mode just off a coupla tickets, lol…it really comes from us knowing this is being started from scratch scratch, bare crypt keeper bones and actually getting a win in something was unexpected…

hope it’s a sign for better things to come….#GumboMonsterDotCom



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  1. Just ran into Mike5ive while he was picking up a camera, and he told me to check out/watch yals entry to the contest. WOW.
    Definitely deserved to win! Have fun in Atlanta!

  2. Truly epic! Keep it suede( don’t need to polish).
    If that joint was a throw together, yawll gonna be straight Teflon with more time. Way to represent the N.O.
    Mega props , Mike 5.


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