Sunday Funnies (Zombie Edition)

Greetings and #quasars. Mike5ive present! So if you haven’t notice its Halloween time again. Which means what? Candy corn and corny B-Movies. Yesterday I had to watch like at least 4 different versions of “Affirmative Action Blade” (courtesy of @AlBeauti).

Lucy Liu looked kinda hot tho. Anyway as anyone would tell you I like love Zombies way more than Vampires (Bump A Bloodsucker). So this post is dedicated to some dope and interesting zombie stories in animated form aka cartoons.

Why cartoons? Cause them “Affirmative Action Blade(s)” got me good on melodrama for the month. Hence the word funny! The episodes I choose were from Adventure Time, The Batman and Count Duckula (yes count duckula, click the link).

The first cartoon is ADVENTURE TIME. This show is dope on some many other levels but they do zombie genre wonderfully humorous.

The homie @MisterBats turned me onto this episode of  THE BATMAN. the episode is called STRANGE NEW WORLD.

Aite and for the last funny…COUNT DUCKULA. I know I said bump bloodsuckers but he’s a duck and  he’s undead…so he’s not exactly a vampire per se,lol.

5ive Out….


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