FEATURED FUNNY: Nicki Minaj impersonates Weezy

Yeah, this Nicki Minaj joint is making the rounds on the sites and it’s pretty funny, especially if you saw Lil Wayne’s original PSA…oh you didn’t? Well here it is right here…

Now that you got your Random Weezyness for the Day….here’s Nicki Minaj, channeling her mentor. Check it:



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  1. Weezy taught me the importance of flow yo and I respect dude, but this nugga message extra inconsistent and imprecise in these vids. The Nicki skit of him is exactly the highlights of what I got from the Weezy vids. I do understand his themes for the vids are being original and conscious (know why you do what you do) but he could’ve said it better. Vid reminds me of his rap style for the past yr or 2.

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