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Whooo na. Tizzo here. Amber Cole. Do you know who she is? I didn’t until I happened upon a article. Amber Cole is this 14 yr old that gave oral sex willingly at the back of a school on video, fully aware of the video and the action itself. Apparently she was damn good at it too according to those who watched.

Please Black Zeus, let me have a boy instead of a girl!

Once the video was uploaded to the net and Amber was exposed, she received tons of hateful responses and even more support for her situation from social networks and the entire internet.

If you do feel sorry also know that she has allegedly been using her new fame to gain a better following on twitter. REALLY NOW? It seems the online posting was done around October 17, 2011 because people like me, can’t find the video as it has been forced to be removed from online within the last couple of days. Why would a 25 year old like myself be looking for this video though? What’s the first thing you did when you heard about 2 girls 1 cup or when you hear about a fake RIP on twitter of your favorite actor or celebrity? You search the web. And as I searched the web, I found numerous Amber Cole videos of people recording there reaction to watching the video from other teens to grown females in their late 20s. I also took a poll on that asked if you would watch the vid or not. Seems 75% said yes and 25% said no.

Sexting and naked pics is def part of this 21 century nation and this young generation. I sext occasionally as well. Shit feels good when it goes smoothly. Most times it goes smoothly and sometimes it goes damn wrong. Many grown folk will def think this is a sad situation. I think it’s shocking but also reality. Sexuality is a curious beast.

Luckily, I couldn’t find the vid bc it would’ve been considered watching child porn. If I was arrested and sentenced though, I would hope they build a jail for all the accused because tons of people have already viewed it and I’m sure they’re not going to jail. Anyway, check out these youtube vids on the situation. One is in defense of Amber and one is a paraody of it. Number 2 is DUMB FUNNY!


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  1. Well…I first got head at 14…and it was definitely from a 14 year old girl, sooooooo….14 year olds giving oral isn’t too surprising lol….the dumb part is she willingly video taped the shit, in this day and age where people will do ANYTHING for website and youtube hits, that move just wasn’t smart…..Parents needta get in these kids heads early, stop underestimating these lil monsters…

  2. I think it is really sad that 14 year old girls think it is okay to give oral sex and video tape it. Yes I am not stupid I know that oral sex has been around for years, but it still does not make it right. Their is so much wrong with this story from a spiritual and moral stand point. First of all whether yall like it or not the word of God teaches us that we should not have any type of sex before marriage. Yes I know the majority of you all are still doing it but that is what the word says. Secondly from a moral stand point where is this girls values??? Who are her role models if any? We live in a sex free society where anything goes, but if you visit the aids wards,the herpes wards, and research the CDC latest on deadly sexually transmitted virus that are currently not named, people would not be so quick to freely engage in sexual activity.

  3. I think the even crazier thing is that you can’t always predict what’s going to go viral. And the shh just fire started. The power of the web when it comes together is AMAZING SON. Listening to them young nigs with the Amber Cole song got a nig slightly bumping that shh tho. Everybody got they hands in the LOOK AT ME POT. Never know how that shh go go

  4. I was talking to a cohort of mine and apparently teenagers now a days are 90% more likely to catch an std if their partner is not also a virgin. Im not gonna lie, as soon as I heard that I considered getting my tubes tied just to shield myself and potential unborn children from such a horrible reality.

    But the even worse thing about it is that psychologically teenagers now a days don’t talk about sex as an emotional connection as well as a physical connection. For some reason to them it’s a totally detached entity. It doesn’t have pride, shame, happiness, or any viable emotional value. So knowing this I am not surprised it was video taped. I blame our environment. We use hypersexed images everywhere in the media and have nerve to get upset when things like this occur. Tizzo I love the topic, definitely looking to read more

  5. La, always appreciate your point of view. That statistics about the STD sounds true as hell even though shocking still to an extent. Kids go in so curious yet so uneducated that the only results are mistakes they couldn’t see or don’t even understand. When you are so uneducated on a topic like sex, all you have is what you see and hear. But if they are ready to do such things at a young age, do you educate or forbid it? Cant watch 24/7.

    On the lack of emotional connection, you know, I’ve experienced this first hand. 1, I think it’s natural bc sexually, teens haven’t explored themselves sexually or experienced certain physical connections so that emotionally, they have no clue how to express what they feel physically. Passion is something they’ll have to grow to learn but for now, they’re too misinformed, curious, and uneducated to know what to expect and how to react.

  6. so im mad that alafia pops up and quantifies my very #quasiatic thought about the amber cole video. 😦 but yeah the world we live in is changing. our kids are out here just like we were. im mildly nervous to meet my nieces future boyfriends knowing how i was as a kid. I feel the media does play the one way mirror to the world. people try to ignore problems until they see them on tv. its outside your window. fuck the Tv. pay attention!

  7. That’s real though Mike. It’s comfortable to be sleep until it’s knocking at your door. #Humans

  8. It’s not just “considered” child porn — it just is. Legally. That’s what the statutes say in every country in the common law world. This stuff is wrong, inherently, and you were in the wrong to try to find it.

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