Saints Vs. Colts (Week 7)

Last week, we lost that thing. Coach Payton got injured. We throw some intercepts. Ahhh. This New Orleans though baby. You know right, right after the game, we took to hits of the nerve tonic. (Exhales…) Then  went right back at it,lol.

This week we playing the Colts.  You know last time we saw them right after that, we suddenly had SuperBowl rings.  So hopefully tonight we on that same note, especially considering we Destroy their Golden Boy, **cough Peyton cough**


Oh and this a late home game too… so its gon look like this




As Juvenile would say “baby I’m a Saints fan, I holla #whodat”


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  1. lol I like that intro though 5ive. Cool shh. Imma have to go holla at Ms. Cook on that side to give her a lil update on my life.

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