Sunday Funnies (N.E.R.D. Edition)

#quasars. 5ive, Pre-sent.

What is cooler than being cold?  (Ice Cold!!)

This edition of the funnies is inspired by the lesser than cool, The NERD. (and this XV and Chip the Rip concert.) Not to be confused with N.E.R.D. (eventhough they kinda nerdy), the NERD is a term that refers to an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit. Bump all tha,t the “cool kids” just hadn’t caught on to our cool yet. (See Hipster) And last time, I checked on the Ipod, Steve Jobs was still winning, (RIP). So Yeah down below are some geeky joints from my past and future.

**Editor’s Note: I totally was tryna get Venture Bros. and Dexter Laboratory in the mix but Youtube kinda failed me. If anybody got any links leave’em in the comment section and I totally will add one in.  Peace!)

XV – the Flying V

Spider-Man Secret Wars

biker mice from mars

Static Shock and Batman Beyond Crossover

ninja turtles


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  1. Shame that nerds get stereotyped as being eyeglass wearers with no fashion sense and funny voices, but people SOO underestimate the fact that they will be working for or buyig products from the ‘nerds’ they put down in grade school.

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