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What up! This is Roxie Rox or Rox Box the Rox Star, another resident blogger of the Gumbo Monster clan. You can look for various types of blogs from me because I’m just random. I don’t have much more to say on the introduction tip so I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Love, pockets, and shoe strings 🙂

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So dig it, I try to write daily so I don’t end up with too much stuff on my brain. After a tough class at work one day this is what I wrote:

I like to entertain the belief that I am passionate about what I do. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have gotten my degree and I definitely wouldn’t be making my coins teaching it, but somehow I always end up trying to force feed my art to kids who reject it like bad organs. But, I still come here and clock in every day. 40% because of the check 60% because I want these kids to want something more than the shitty hand that life will try to deal them. Am I so wrong?

I left it alone because it was kind of heavy for me at the time and I try to be a person who lives in the now, but that day…Oh, that day, I had some shit to say.

That particular morning I walked into a class of 24 rowdy 8th grade young men and two Black male educators talking to them about the KINGS they should present themselves as at all times which warmed my heart because frankly, there aren’t  Black men representing and doing so well in the education system. SO I took this as an opportunity them on how generally fucked up the judicial system is…Troy Davis. Only one young man was able to tell me a little bit about him. It’s a subject I seldom bring up nowadays, but I always think about it when I see these cats messing up at a young age.

If you’re unfamiliar, I won’t judge. I simply urge you to educate yourself:

I gave them a brief synopsis of the case which sparked a conversation of Casey Anthony and another White male in Georgia who was accused of murder but got off scot free just by saying “I’m sorry.” Which they of course felt was bogus and racist. I attempted to explain to them that this system is made to work against them because they are a bunch of brown boys and on top of that, they are a bunch of brown boys from Louisiana which was ranked 49th in education in 2005 (48th and 47th in 2007 and 2009 respectively), which in essence stamps them as undereducated and the future of thieves, murderers, and drug dealers. And after I went through this whole spiel, they went right back to being young heathens again.

Michelle Pfeiffer painted such a prettier fuggin picture.

I would think that in my somewhat twisted, but arguably sane mind that they would shape up when I walked into the school (whose name I will not disclose), there were taped lines all up and down the hallways and this fine Wednesday I was afforded the opportunity to see what those lines were for. As the students exited their classrooms to move to the next block, they were directed to walk along the lines in complete silence by the Principal. I felt like I was watching a scene out a prison film and a really bad one at that. I truly understand the administrative staff’s need for order and discipline, but predisposing these kids to prison like behaviors is a bit much. I just feel like schools are supposed to be full of life and energy. Can we get back to that, please???


On the flip side however, I am trying to understand the hubris of the 7th and 8th graders. They are after all the “upperclassmen” of this particular institution which starts at Pre-Kindergarten. This could very well be a case of them feeling themselves just that much or whatever. In that position, I guess I would too because most of these kids have been there for 4+ years and have probably been misbehaving that long with no disciplinary action, so in my 7th and 8th grade mind I’m indestructible! But I do try to warn them that game changes a little when you get to High School and a hell of a lot when you get to College, and when you get to the point of actually living life, the dumb shit just won’t fly. Of course it’s in one ear and out the other for them. You know….Pride before the fall. And that fall will be a swift kick into reality, but not like a regular kick. I’m talmbout a 300 “This is Sparta!” type kick.

I and most of whom I heavily associate with were more humble. Not to say that we were absolutely angelic, but we knew the line and skated it well or we just did our dirt and rarely got caught. For even I, the resident “good girl” was suspended from school at least once. Speaking solely on my behalf, I never had a real superiority complex in school, probably because I enrolled in the same school from 3 yr. old Pre-K to 6th grade with no changes in administration and little change in faculty. So if I dreamt about acting up, they were calling my mother, who they were on first name basis with and she was leaving her job to come deal with me. I did not want that damn drama.

When I made it to 7th grade, I enrolled in a school that had grades 7-12, which meant what??? That I was at the bottom of the barrel. There was barely breathing room let alone room for me to be arrogant. After 9th grade I made the genius move to transfer, Luckily, I made the transition with a few friends from my old school and my big brother was there, but my existence was naught to him because he was a Senior. So again, no room to be arrogant because I was not yet familiar with the laws of the land. By the time Senior year hit, I was too busy worrying about the ACT, college apps, and graduating to act a fool.

So yeah, these kids I don’t know. I’ll keep stressing the importance of getting their ish together because not too many people in that school care enough to do it. Y’all do the same for your little siblings, cousins, whatever. Tell them to get their ish together so nobody has to King Leonidas them later. If they ask what that means, just yell “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” and attack them….Ha! That is all, fam.

Peace and Blessings

Roxie Rox…OWT!


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