Chop it up, screw it, Get it up, do it

Whoaaa na na! Tizzo in this thing with my feet in black sheets called socks bc it sting. The it is the cold and I know we getting old so I present to you some music shh that’s stupid like them _______. Fill that in for me.

1. Take 6 On my me remix
This was a beat I made for @Misterbats. He actually spit his acapella first to a metronome to keep a constant beat then I made a couple versions of the song and the take 6 was the beat he chose to use. Had fun on this one

2.Heem’s first song
Just a verse and a hook co wrote by me, @ialwaysbullshh and the powerful singer Heem @ThatsJustRahim. Currently unfinished

3.That’s just what I want
The first track off my 2nd to last album, 20yrs later

4.Imma go getta
An oldie but a goodie. One of my later 2009 experiments with autotune and rap

5.I hope you dance remix
Bet you never thought ole girl could get silly, EY!?

6.Laron 3
Mix I made for a photography chick, with some big lips named Laron. We don’t speak no mo but she got me to do some nice ass mixes.

7.Internation culture
Mix for LEGACY. A dance group at LSU

8.Jay Mix
My first successfully funny, family collaborated, autotuned songs. I’m on the lead, my older bro on the overdubs, my oldest bro rapping

9.Kanye freestyle
One of the funniest and most fun, natural, random Christmas times me and my clique ever did have. Prepare to laugh

10. Nov5
As a producer, there are many beats made that go no where and are simple made for my listening pleasure. This is one of em. FREE DOWNLOAD

11.S27 You not real bobby

One of my favorite beats. It was actually used heavily but a full song never came about from the artist who used it. You free to give it a try. Simple but fresh. FREE DOWNLOAD


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  1. my nikka i forgot all the ppl at that freestyle session. the vocals sound really clean tho. did u do any mixing on it. and prolly shud do sumthing this year.

  2. Yeah, that session was funny af yo. Nah, no editing. The mic is just that good and audio interface just that good. Def trynna get it in on the song tip

  3. Thats hotness, The Kayne Joint was Hilarious!!!Ball Sacks…..XD
    Definitely want in on the next one.

  4. Ball sacks and jiggle hands, jiggle jiggle hands. Trynna make them shirts sometime soon. The next one go be in Mike back yard. I’m just telling him now but he good with the improv

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