HIV/AIDS Is Real Folks…Wrap It Up!!!

Salutations, fam! This is Roxie Rox signing in to add just lil bit to the stew. What’s on my mind this fine evening, you ask? HIV/AIDS!

I couldn’t find a totally appropriate song…womp.

This morning as I was doing my daily peruse in the twitterverse, I can across this twitpic

As you can see, New Orleans ranks highest with 6,355 residents living with HIV/AIDS. When I first looked at it, I surprised, outraged, but mostly scared. New Orleans is not a large major city, or as especially fancy folk would say, this is a very concentrated area, so the fact that 6,000+ are living in the city with this disease prompted me to do a little math. I beg you to bear with me though, I’m great with words, but numbers….nah.

Anywho check it out:

As of 2010, the recorded number of residents in New Orleans was 1.194,196 which would break down to roughly .05 of the population being affected by HIV/AIDS. Considering, that is not bad at all, but let’s talk about the areas that are getting hit hardest with this plight.

A good friend of mine works for a company that does routine HIV testing and gives away condoms. I affectionately call her “The Condom Lady”. She one day broke down to me what are known as “hot spots” or spots that are effected by HIV/AIDS. I was informed that the area that I work in that I work in which right off the Crescent City Connection is one of those areas. So is a small part of the Carrollton area. What I noticed about these communities were that they were littered with corner stores, abandoned buildings and businesses. The tell tale signs of a low income area whose residents are under educated and do not have health care readily available to them. Along with that, they are severely uneducated on this disease. i.e. What causes it, how to protect yourself, long term effects, etc.


With that said, my charge to you is to not only make sure you’re in the know, but reach out to communities where you know or have an inkling that the information isn’t getting. HIV/AIDS is effecting the Black community more than any other and more and more babies are being born with it each year. Let’s do our part. Volunteer. Educate. And if you so happen to run across someone who is being treated, stress to them that it is not a death sentence. Rae Lewis- Thornton, who I am very proud to call my Soror has been living with this disease for 28 years and is still going strong.


National HIV/AIDS Awareness Month is recognized through several months, but most widely in October. World AIDS Day is December 1st. Let’s do our part to keep ourselves and our communities healthy. Not just during that month or on that day, this is a daily fight.

Sex is beautiful and enjoyable thing, but it’s better when you’re safe. Get tested. Know your status. Treat this like the living and breathing thing that it is. Have no fear or shame in discussing these things with your partner. Remember kids, we all we got!!!

Roxie Rox, OWT!


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