GOTHAM NEWS: TakeThisLollipop.Com

This site went viral and got millions of hits within a week. Reread that, it got MILLIONS of hits within a WEEK. Click here for the article explaining how it came about, much props to Jason Zada for the brilliant idea as well as its execution. Basically it’s an interactive movie/app of sorts where you the online viewer become a part of the thriller all through the magic of Facebook. It sets up for the main character in the film to actually Facebook stalk YOU (for entertainment purposes only). If you’re confused by this, but intrigued in any way go to and see what the hell it is I’m talking about, you must have a Facebook Profile. I don’t want to go in explaining everything how I usually do because I really want ya’ll to check this out and be surprised. Sh!t’s wild and thought provoking. See what all the craze is about (#IDareYou), because best believe with it having over 8 million likes, if you’re reading this and haven’t checked it out yet…then you’re LATE.

It’s cool though, I was late on it too……Real Life > Internet Crazes

….he’s waiting…..



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  1. i like this but it is creepy

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