Love Your Boobies!!!

Greetings, Earthlings! Roxie Rox checking in again and this time to chat you up a bit about Breast Cancer.

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Although Breast Cancer Awareness month just passed us in October, there is NEVER a bad time to talk about the boobs. I do try to celebrate to the best of my capacity. If I can’t do an event, I definitely make it a point to rock a lil pink a few times out of the month. But actions are usually prompted from personal experience. My prompt is that my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on October 31st. It was and still is a difficult time for me lots of tears and prayer.

I don’t usually do the super personal….ever in life, but talking about it helps. What also helps is knowing exactly what you are up against. I mean of course facts are picked up here and there through the media, but doing your own research is important.

Before we continue, let’s all establish the fact that we all love the boobs. Ladies, we love our boobs and the fellas love them just as much if not more so it is extremely important that they are well taken care of. Examinations should be done yearly, most likely during your yearly GYNO visit. Most primary care doctors do them upon visits, but we can’t depend on them to do all of the work. The best time to check for lumps or anything abnormal is in the shower. Do as thorough as an examination as you can. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, don’t be afraid to ask your partner. There is a strong likelihood that they will not mind at all.

Mammograms should be done annually beginning at age 40. However if you have a history of Breast Cancer in your family,it may be beneficial for you to start earlier.

There are several stages of Breast Cancer:

  •  Stage 0
  • Stage I
  • Stage II
  • Stage III
  • Stage IV

There is also what is known as the TNM Staging System.


Though Breast Cancer is a terminal disease, it is curable and I know many women who have gone on to see many more years after getting the tumor removed. The most important factor is to catch it early. The earlier it’s caught, the more aggressively it can be treated with a higher success rate. And lots of times beating the cancer the first time won’t be your last time. It has been known to redevelop in several cases, but again, catch it early and fight like hell to survive.

There are preventable measures that can be taken such as:

  • Change of diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Drinking tap water
  • Taking in more Vitamin D

Those are only a few, but here are a few links to check out


All of these links also include information on risk factors. Go forth and be informed!

So again, love the boobs. Touch the boobs. Take care of THE BOOBS!!!

Peace, Love, and Tatas to you all!

Roxie Rox….OWT! 😉


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