FEATURED FUNNY: Mike Tyson as Herman Cain


What up, doe! 5ive, Pre-sent. It’s that time of year  again, and NO I’m not talking about autumn/winter, choosing our next president. Honestly I’m not a big politics guy. I understand how politics affects our daily but SO MUCH dis-information and double-talk happens I find it hard really find out what’s really going on? Historically speakin,g a young, black man with an Arabic seeming name WON (peep the word choice, Bush-fans) the presidency. Three years later, he’s the most respected, player hated figure but he’s still the POTUS. This political “season,” if you can call it that is teeming with fervor. The Republicans are going bananas claiming that Obama is ruining the country. At every turn, it seems like Obama has put the nation in debt, fuck up Welfare, and lost us our jobs. (When in actuality, the POTUS, since the name Obama is too Arabic, is moving through at least a decade of government red tape, earmarks, BULLSHIT, and tax cuts.) The Republicans are extra convinced him and his Democratic cornies are fucking up. They NEED to resume the reins of power. Here is where we enter Herman Cain>>>>

I don’t need to run his whole story cause Mike Tyson got me covered but basically he’s a black Republican, (no Nasir here) running for a candidacy as the GOP pick for the Presidency. Besides being the most electrifying Republican probably since Ronald Reagan, this dude is actually leading the polls. Will he win? Umm…if he does hopefully he doesn’t morph with Sarah Palin and becomes the Anti-Christ,lol. But seriously if he does take the poll, get your Canadian Visa ready.




Just so happens that both me and 5ive had Herman COON on the mind, check out this vid from The Colbert Show roasting this fool

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Herman Cain’s Campaign Ad
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