GOTHAM NEWS: Real Life Batman catches perverts & more!

The two nerdiest things about me are 1) I love Pro-Wrestling and 2) I’m a comic geek. Not the smoothest topic to bring up when dating in middle school, but I didn’t give a lovely long finger about it because I don’t believe self should ever be embarrassed by self. And as we grow up, women start to be pretty open about whatever you’re into after having enough relationships over the years with super thugs, jocks and pretty boys that wound up being closet weirdos anyway. We’re all nerds to something.

So yeah, if my name doesn’t give it away enough you know I mean it when I say that the best superhero hands down is, yes….Batman.

Yah, I’m biased but eff it, it’s true. Without superpowers he gets the job done, this dude is the epitome of ambition, dedication and hard work. Realistically some (SUPER RICH, slightly psychotic) person could be Batman if he set his mind to it…..and was dangerously obsessed with the destruction,but not the murder, of all things evil due to the traumatizing experience of seeing his parents murdered in front of him as a child and crazily not letting it go after 20 years.

Out of all of the mutants, gods and aliens with the super powers, I always chose the human..not because he probably needs therapy…but because he was just that…a human…..and because he got the b!!ches women!

But yes, thanks to the efforts of the former MMA fighter and current resident Seattle real life crime fighter, Phoenix Jones.

…and maybe due in some parts to the cult classic film KICK-ASS, a comic and movie about a real life nerd dawning super hero garb and getting his ass-kicked in the name of justice….and pu$$y….but mostly justice.

The Dark Knight Rises in real life….and he’s searching for pedophiles!!

“Three teens from Chilliwack, B.C., have been posing as young girls online, luring men to clandestine meetings, and confronting the alleged predators while wearing superhero [Batman and Flash] suits.”—Huffington Post

These three…well, Huff Post says it was three but the Vancouver Sun says it was four (“Always check your sources!”–Dr. Allen, my college News Writing Professor) are all teens between the ages of 17 and 20…okay, 20 isn’t a teen, but it might as well be seeing as 20 year olds can’t buy liquor, enter certain clubs, gamble or get married in the state of Mississippi….and we all want to get married in the state of Mississippi.

These guys set up their ownTo Catch A Predator” show all in the name of catching pedos just like Chris Hansen. For those of you that know nada about the “To Catch A Predator” series, here’s a lil vid.

Hansen catches pedos rojo handed and puts them on full blast for America to see, from rich cats to bums, Hansen catches and embarrasses them all. When I say embarrass, I don’t mean just by showing their faces for all of America to see, he basically berates them on camera before handing them to the police. It’s probably one of the only shows that involve cops, where black guys aren’t the ones usually in the cuffs. It’s usually middle aged white men…had an Asian guy on there once

and I think a middle eastern guy too..

and I’m not sure what nationality this nasty f**ker is, but he’s on Sandusky level perversion here…wanted the “13 year old” chick to suck the penis of a cat, an actual cat to get him horny and even showed up naked smh (It’s hilarious how Chris Hansen pops up on this guy, LOL)

But yeah,it’s usually some middle aged white guy, with a family and a story and some tears to spare.

Now, Hansen is tenured, but he’s no Batman….he had cops and cameras to protect him so he can say whatever the hell he wants to say to these guys with no fear. These teens get extra bravery points for not only dressing up as the best superhero there is to go and harass these pervs…they did it, much like Batman with no weapons or backup and still talked major manure….

Due to the ongoing investigation into these guys, they had to take the videos down (and swear to quit), but thanks to YouTube a few were salvaged. In this video, which is presumably their first one, they show how they set the Sanduskies up. Yeah, at this point we might as well refer to all perverts as Sanduskies. Much like the name Chester was eliminated from the baby naming pool after “Chester Chester the Child Molester” got attached to it, and anything domestic abuse related is instantly referred to as an Ike Turner moment (Chris Brown for the youngins), Sandusky will live in pervert infamy

This second one is much easier to see and a bit more assholish.

And my favorite, the best one that’s still on the net until YouTube and the police get rid of em all again.

While the authorities are pissed off, the people have spoken and are proud that these kids had the guts to catch these Sanduskies on tape and in such a clever fashion. Their Facebook page instantly shot up to over 4,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of wall post in favor of their efforts.

“You guys are incredible! Thank you for your example. Perhaps our law enforcement could take a few pointers from you… keep up the good fight! :-)—Dana -Lee Kreiger

“I just saw your group on TV and guys I proud of you all !!!!! You rock !!” —Francis Rondeau

“Nothing but good press about you dudes here in Calgary, the media is saying you’re still “under investigation” but I get that is a load of horse shit. Its a shame you had to remove the videos though. These videos should still be viral and easily to access. Sure the fuzz is concerned that you are going to encourage people to take their own form of justice, and some people have a pretty distorted way of doing this….But on the other hand, the more Pedos that see these videos might actually think twice about thinking about diddling a teenager. Sigh. No winning I suppose.” —Annie Von Fitt

You guys should work out a contract with the RCMP, do a show like COPS but instead its Super Hero’s, you guys do your thing, and then the cops arrest them as they run away. Now thats a good reality show!–Nathan Cockburn

im from quebec city and all we have to say to you guys ,,,is,,,,,BIG UP. but be safe …they should all suffer– Yohann Sickoziz Richard
We support you in your work in helping to keep the commuinty safe! Thank you for taking a stand!Jennica Wheeler

The real problem that authorities are having though is their safety…because as was previously stated, these guys are luring crazies into the open and berating them, unarmed…with no backup

‘Cpl. Mat Van Laer of B.C. RCMP’s integrated child-exploitation unit said he’s not surprised that people support the teens. But, he cautioned, “as appealing as the idea might be … it does come with very serious inherent risks.”

Van Laer said police are doing their best to combat sexual offenders. “There are police … present online, doing this kind of work,” he said, declining to describe specific techniques used by officers.

Vigilantes could also disrupt ongoing investigations, he added.

“Our main concern is their personal safety,” says RCMP Cpl, Tammy Hollingsworth. “The boys could find themselves in trouble if they embarrassed a dangerous person”, she said, adding that online luring of potential predators could also bring sex offenders into the community from other areas.”The Vancouver Sun

As of right now, neither the boys nor the men they caught on camera have been hit with any charges. The police are still investigating the matter and without legit proof linking the men on camera to the men typing online, there may not be much the cops can do with Batman and co.’s footage. Funny enough, the pervs may actually have a case to sue these Teen Titans for possible damages if any of the sanduskies are identified….but why would they want to be identified and face possible charges?

Either way, my hats off to these teens actually doing something constructive with their video camera, creative minds, Batman suits and You Tube accounts. Sure, it may have been stupid and it may have gotten them murked…BUT to be brave, a certain level of stupidity must exist…any superhero around will tell you this.

I think what really fascinates me about this whole thing is that it’s sort of showing a sign of the times. While real life super heroes aren’t new per say…

In the U.S., an organization known as Real Life Superheroes has existed since the ’70s, inspired by a comic-book approach to tackling crime. According to their website, the masked crime fighters are a “culture that works in a fun, exciting, and inspirational fashion to make the world a better place.” They hope to “inspire others, spread a positive message, and call attention to issues in our communities.”—Vancouver Sun

People are getting tired of the system and it’s showing. The internet is a freaking force that isn’t just here to get make careers for half of the hip hop artists coming into the game or give attention to talentless people with net access. Look at the Occupy Movements (Check out my fellow GM writer’s my girl Ace’s Anti-Occupy Post and the homie Mike5ive‘s Pro-Occupy joint) spreading all over the country for example…
**********SUPER SIDEBAR********************
I haven’t been keeping up with the whole #Occupy debacle as best as I should, but one thing I will say is that if anyone blessed and lucky enough to be born rich, no work put in at all, can’t see how screwed up it is that people that are born poor, remain poor because of a system our government and rich people of old designed to keep the poor and their future generations in poverty, if they can’t see that without some kind of change or relief at some point society will turn in on itself, then they are f**king looney….maybe I’m not explaining it right, Tupac explains it better
These people aren’t looking for a handout, but more like a fair shake. If the rich stay rich and only look out for the rich and the poor stay poor and destroy itself, where does that leave the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, “Land of Opportunity” and all that? We have to work with each other to not make our country’s original motto’s not seem as if they were made full of sh!t. Trust me, ignoring the true story of Thanksgiving while scarfing down turkey and ham every November is enough of a chore
********END SUPER SIDEBAR*************
The Occupiers are becoming bums in the name of not dying as bums, to now we have REAL superheroes and they are SERIOUS!
Superheroes in the Fraser Valley might be rare, but they’re not unheard of. For the last three years in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, “Thanatos” has patrolled the streets wearing a green-and-black death mask and looking for opportunities to help and protect the vulnerable.—Vancouver Sun
And don’t forget Phoenix and his gang…yes, he has his own ‘League’ yo.

Unfortunately what inspires some to be heroes, inspires others to the contrary.

“Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was formally charged with attempting to assassinate Obama or members of his staff.

Ortega made his first court appearance before a federal magistrate in Pittsburgh, one day after he was arrested at a western Pennsylvania hotel. He will be taken from the federal court in Pittsburgh to face the charges in Washington.

A person in Idaho who knows him told federal agents that Ortega had become agitated against the federal government and was convinced there was a government conspiracy against him, FBI Agent Chris Ormerod said in an affidavit filed in federal court. The witness told agents Ortega wanted to “hurt” Obama and referred to him as “the anti-Christ.” Another witness told investigators Ortega said he “needed to kill” Obama, Ormerod said.

A third witness, who has known Ortega for more than six years, said Ortega owns an assault weapon with a scope, Ormerod said in the affidavit. Ortega blamed Obama for problems with the federal government and believed Obama is the devil, the witness told federal agents.” USA TODAY

As soon as Obama announced that he was running for office the entire black community feared that someone would try and kill him. It took his entire four year term for someone to get around to attempting it, but once again…America hasn’t let us down. Ortega landed two shots at the White House and was seen speeding off in his black van. Eventually the cops caught him and found all of the necessities for any budding super villain

Police searched the car and found a Romanian Cugir SA semiautomatic assault rifle with a large scope mounted the top of the weapon, Ormerod said. Officers found ammunition, including three magazines loaded with bullets and nine spent shell casings from the bullets. Police also found an aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles, a sales receipt from a store in Fairfax, Va., and a black hoodie sweatshirt with a Los Angeles Dodgers logo.—USA Today

The cops had stopped Ortega earlier in that day after someone called the cops on him for looking black suspicious rocking his blue skully cap and black LA hoodie….yes, the same LA hoodie found in the abandoned badguymobile. #BUSTED

Luckily, the Prez wasn’t even home…so this supervillain’s career is basically defecated on as soon as it starts. Whose the hero here? The cops (see: the government) or the witnesses (see: the people) that alerted the cops to where the baddie was and what he was driving? It’s anybody’s call, but in general this (along with the entertaining and hilarious idiocy of Herman Coon Cain) is a very exciting time that we’ll most likely look back on in history years from now as the first signs of something major to come (if we aren’t too distracted by the media’s obsession with reality TV and Kim K). Ask Batman, things always get worse before they get better…and whether worse or better, sh!t’s always going to be interesting nonetheless.


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  1. lol dawg…this superhero shit tho? I been hearing bout this real life superhero shh. WILD yo. Not in nay or yay of it but uhh, like somebody said, bet he ain’t in too many high crime areas. These dudes will murk you and the only reason they prolly didn’t bc he so well known. They smart enough to not be stupid

    On the other hand, the growing numbers on the superhero registry can be powerful. Always powers in numbers bc numbers make movements.

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