What up! 5ive dawg, PRE-SENT! Right now I’m mad tired. They say when you start doing what you need to you working, so I guess I’m working. Trying really hard to knock out ‘Ordinary People’, (the fabled Mike5ive 25th birthday movie) and finish side  projects.

Earlier today we actually were just trying to shoot some ‘O.P.’ scenes and we had to call it a day because the mic was not ON. (As the Camera Operator, I take full responsibility but I share the blame with my boom girl Disa for falling asleep on the job alerting me the mic was not recording. (Damnit *metal solid voice*)

So the shoot, now turned into a “run through,” went smoothly. Can’t wait to record, for real. Anyway somewhere between mistaking the room decibel levels for mic levels on a Line out Mic port, Rahim jam a tuned on his Gui-Tar (Heavy on the English):


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