5ive Spottings

The month of november was odd to say the least. My funds were low, grandma abandon me for Thanksgiving, I saw Foreign Exchange for the free-ski, my nephew turned 8, eventhough it feels like he just was like three,lol, The list kinda goes on and on. Whether good or bad, I stayed working or at least in motion. They say there’s no motion is slow motion but slow money is what…for sure money. The vids down bottom though aren’t any of my work. They were shot and edited by my homegurl and fellow WTUL DJ Lula  @lulaabellee  I guess the month of november was my month of dabbling in the collaborative arts in me being in front of or to the side of the camera.

The first joint is this collaborative NPR radiopiece, we cooked up for WTUL. I say we but I only talked in it. And can I add how dope my station manager looks!!!! but that’s a side story,lol.

The second is an interview me and Miss Lilly did with Tabi Bonney, Murs, Ski Beatz and Eddie McKenzie, who is totally a girl, ( joked in the interview I would always see her name and think it was dude who was featured on the tracks but didn’t say anything. Yes I am that slow,lol).

And the third clip is this Doritos Superbowl video Lula cooked for this Doritos video challenge. You gotta click the link for that one and wait for the load up. Plus I think the homie @dee1music in that thing too. So I feel half-way famous! Oh and don’t forget to vote for the vid. She could win a million and the city could get some shine!


5ive out….



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