Mr. Do Wrong

Most of the Gumbo monster crew busy doing 1 thing or another but we all working on our own and collabo projects trying to get more product to show to all of you. Until then, we’re going to be hitting yall in the head with some oldies. I have a lot of unseen lyrics and other text from the pre-Gumbomonster days that I want to hit yall with. Some is from me, some from Bats, some from Mike, and some, will be old essays or whatever that spark some interest if you read a line or two.

There have definitely been some crazy stories popping up pre and post New Year but I’m prepping for school and prepping my own site, Til then, know we ain’t forget about yall, that ORDINARY PEOPLE is still on the way, and that the ORDINARY PPL CLIP can be seen in the post right below! Get ya read on!–T i z z OH!

1st verse

Do I feel the pressure, know that I’m under scrutiny and still act act so stew stupidly?

Or do I say a bad remark then apologize? Put visine in my eyes, make my audience cry?

Do I rob corner stores, steal bikes and steal life then blame it on reality say it’s real life?

Should I go in slow mo cause time is fast? I wanna take a second to bask, you know, smell the grass.

Should I take time on lyrics so I can one day se ’em in a coliseum in a great rappers exhibit?

Or do rush it, you know, cover it in swag and brag. Shidd, watch how fast fast they love my ass.

If I say a sexual tale, and I’m by myself  but it can be took for something else and I know that I’m a man

do I, still say no homo or do I keep it to myself and hope it wasn’t heard by anybody else?

You worried about they thoughts, worry about your self.

You homo cause you saying no homo like everybody else.

And me I’m not the same. See me I’m trynna change.

Me 2yrs ago ain’t the same as me that’s standing mane.

Swag completely different. Got different standards mane.

Much stronger than before. Watch how I handle pain.

But somethings will never change. You see I remain a stain

’til  my body is detached from my brain, look.

You got a choice, you gotta voice, you got a life.

You can do wrong or do right, you can do whatever u like.

You can do whatever you like.-Mr. DO RIGHT.

2nd verse

Do I do the crime, get paid  get mines

so I can get my shine so I can get the lime light?

Or do I say that crime pays? Do it anyway then get paid 2 life sentences plus 5 days.

Do I go to church every Sunday in hopes to getting to see the man above one day?

Or should I not believe, and be a bold young man depend on the motivation that’s inside of me?

Should I not have thoughts about sex and dismiss to the left not explore it for myself?

Then when I actually does have sex, I wasn’t told what was next so I’m not inclined to protect.

Should I hate those who protect and serve when separate but equal justice has no fact just words?

Do I have problems with authority cause father was gone and I raised myself on my own like a growing tree?

Should I not snitch? I mean the boys in blue tell me it’s nonsense. Well hows this?

They tell me to  snitch but when IA play Q and A with them they got tight lips.

I ain’t on either side. You either do right or do wrong, every single day that’s what we decide.

Should I like magicians, shape shifting, say whatever you wanna hear, my dear fake politicians?

They got ‘sition? That don’t mean you got to listen. It’s a cold world, 90% of people are shivering.

Depending on yo beliefs, you either chivalrous or venomous or somewhere in between in the middle-ish.

Where I’m from right ain’t always right… when you diff-fer-rent depends on yo predicament. -MR. DO WRONG…MR. DO WRONG…MR. DO WRONG…so do I do wrong?


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