Sunday Funnies (Super Bowl Edition)

How do I start this one of off…. #whodat! I will not front when the Saints lost to that team….umm the San FrisHos, I was kinda pissed. My team had lost and football season was pretty much over. So who was goin to be at the big Game, the Patriots and the Giants. Yeah the season was over but I still had that urge to watch the game. (And I had $40 on the Giants For the Win). However nobody I was by or visited had any interest in the game. Eventually I had succumbed to my new growing addiction to Breaking Bad  with @Misterbats (don’t click here,lol).

I totally missed the game but the homie @Kloud_Stryfe had got me mad hyped about the SuperBowl commercials, so here are a few that rocked to me!



I’m bout that re-invented female couch especially that far left side with the black part,lol.


How is it the acopalypse without Zombies??


If you dont get the jokes go watch this!


CHRYSLER (Halftime in America)

Clint Eastwood, still is that dude! With or Without a Pistol!

And this last commercial is for all you Illuminati/ 2012/ WhoDats.


Oh and did I mention that Superbowl XLVII will be in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

#whodat #Whodat, #Whodat said they gon beat dem Saints? #Whodat





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