A$AP Rocky- LiveLoveA$AP

No, i am not late on this, but it seems far too many people either have not heard this or have no idea who A$AP Rocky is. Because of that, i feel it is my duty to put y’all on. Been knocking this one since the latter part of last year but trust me there’s nothing outdated about the sound, peep the Manhattan native’s  “LiveLoveA$AP”. It might surprise you that a northerner has taken on a straight southern sound that works, and i thought people from the north didn’t fuck with us in the dirrty.  You can listen and download here http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/15168/asap_rocky_liveloveaap.html


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  1. “Cause everyday we holla PESO!” Man, I had that track on repeat for like a week straight when it first dropped. A lot of people like Brand New Guy, which is cool, but Peso is probably still my favorite track on the tape. I turn up the volume every time it comes on.

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