Allow me to now introduce myself, my name is MAC!


For those of you who know me, you already know what it is.  However i must say that this is my cherry-popping to the whole blogging world so please, bare with me.

I go by the name of Ryan Mac, most people just call me Mac, and what i represent is pure, sheer, raw, unequivocal, unchecked, unchallenged, uncontrollable, unimaginable coolness and the word you all love to hate, SWAG. Yes.  But please don’t get it twisted, i am by no means conceited, it’s just how i feel everyday of my life and people recognize it and gravitate towards that positive energy that i’m all about.

To sum up a lot, i am all about music.  I love it, there is never a moment where music isn’t playing around me or in my head.  People often wonder about me, especially in social settings where i may be off somewhere in my own zone (which is me ALWAYS), and there’s that dazed and almost confused look on my face but folks i promise you i did not lose my best friend or get the “we need to talk” text. I can almost 100% guarantee that’s my ability to disconnect from my surroundings and vibe out to the music library in my head, it’s my type of cigarette break.

One thing i get a lot from the people i trust enough to allow over to my crib, is “Bruh, you always listening to some dope ass music” or “who’s that we’re listening to?” or “every time i come over here you have something new on, you’ve got a good ear for this shit”.  And someone once said, ‘if everybody keeps saying the same things about you, then it must be true.’  And to some degree, i must agree.  People are always asking me for new music, to make them playlists, or suggestions on who they should be listening to.  I’ve even had local emcee’s hand me their flash drives with some raw recordings simply for my opinion, and in my head i’m like “why me?”, And then “why not.”

The good folks in the Gumbo pot have been courteous enough in granting me the opportunity to contribute to their music blog, and i am humbly grateful to be accepted with such seamless execution.

But i’ll keep things brief, you won’t hear any more about me.  After this, it’s all about the music.  So without further adieu…


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