Tupac Back…in 3D?

What up world. 5ive dawg Pre-sent!

So…apparently Tupac came back.

You been asking for him.

Looking for him.

And finally he [had] arrived last weekend @ Coachella as only the Don Killuminati could.

The image you are seeing of ‘Pac unforunately was all smoke and mirrors.  According to the Huffington Post “the projection of Pac isn’t a true hologram, as its a 2D image. Digital Domain, the company behind the performance, also did the Oscar-winning visuals in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” For the Coachella performance, they used a technique originated in 1862, in which an image is bounced off of the ground onto an invisible screen.

On Sunday, Tupac really appeared to be on the stage, rapping along to “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” and “Hail Mary” and name checking Coachella while hyping up the audience. When Snoop Dogg appeared on stage beside the rapper, the Tupac image would turn to him and gesture in his direction.”

I had to say Coachella won over mad people with that performance. I won’t be the one to say he’s totally back but he still reppin Westside hard as ever. And since Tupac decided to re-visit in zero’s and one’s, Holo Tupac has a twitter. Click the link and peep out life after death on lazahs. (You gone see,lol)

What they screaming????





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